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  • Once again I agree with MattNorcross1

    I second everything he wrote. Fish Hooks and Almost Naked Animals are already awful shows, and The 7D looks so stupid beyond belief! And you can thank me for making the average rating drop from 3 to 2.6. For more details read my review of The7D since I don't like to be redundant.
  • Walt Disney must be spinning in his grave at what this no-talent hack is doing to his legacy in animation.

    When I first read about "Fish Hooks" on Wikipedia, I knew it was gonna be really bad. Even though the characters were fish in a fish tank (like in Disney-Pixar's Finding Nemo), it followed the crappy Disney Channel kid-com formula of teenagers in middle school or high school. Now this talentless, soulless, and money-hungry hack who calls himself an "animator" is about to ruin the characters of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" with his "7D" show on Disney Junior. Seriously, if Walt Disney himself was still alive, he'd probably fire this guy for ruining the Seven Dwarfs and turning them into the reject characters you always see in "Fish Hooks" and "Almost Naked Animals".moreless