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  • Trivia

    • The Rurouni Kenshin anime, based on Nobuhiro's manga, has taken the name Samurai X in the Philippines and some other countries.

    • Nobuhiro is the sign of the (Metal) Dog.

    • Yahiko Myogin, another character from Nobuhiro's manga Rurouni Kenshin, is actually partially based on himself. Nobuhiro used his outlook on kendo and came up wth Yahiko.

    • Nobuhiro based many of his characters in his hit manga Rurouni Kenshin on real people.

    • In addition to basing Hajime Saitô on his real life counterpart, Nobuhiro also used another man from the Shinsengumi, Sanosuke Harada. Harada became the model for Sanosuke Sagara, a character from his manga Rurouni Kenshin.

    • Hajime Saitô from his hit manga Rurouni Kenshin was also based on his real life counterpart. In addition, the Shinsengumi were a real group during the Bakumatsu. They were against the Meiji government.

    • Kenshin Himura from his hit manga Rurouni Kenshin was based on Kawakami Gensai. Gensai was one of the top four assassins during the Bakumatsu - Japanese revolution.

    • Nobuhiro played "kendo" in middle school.

    • Watsuki's favorite villain from his hit manga, Rurouni Kenshin, is Makoto Shishio.

    • His favorite character from his hit manga, Rurouni Kenshin is Yahiko Myojin, because of his determination to become strong.

    • Watsuki is a big fan of the Shinsengumi, a special police force of the late shogunate period in Japanese history.

    • He likes action movies, such as "Die Hard", "Midnight Runner" and "Back to the Future".

    • He was inspired by and enjoys many American comics such as "Spiderman" and "X-Men".

    • Some of his favorite anime are Neon Genesis Evangelion and Kodomo no Omocha (A.K.A. Kodocha).

    • Watsuki enjoys playing video games, especially Vampire Hunter and Samurai Showdown.

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