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  • amazingly funny, extreamly talented, beautifull person.

    noel fielding is, in my opinion, the perfect guy. his humer is bazzare and outlandish. in the mighty boosh, he plays vince noir co-staring with julian barret as howard moon. the ideas for the boosh seems to me to come from noel and julian sitting around taking loads of holuconogenics and then writing down their trips and making it in to a comedy show. they have themselvs decribed the show as \" a phycadellic trip com\".
    noel fielding is the nicest guy to meet. totaly devoted to his fans. he seems to love the attention, and poseing to get his photo taken.
    he is just as beautifull in real life as he is on camera. he has a great body and you cant deni his amazing hair!
    his bum is so cute in those tight jeens he always wears. he is soft and warm spoken, you can tell he wants to talk to you.
    im not afraid to say i am in love with the guy, i even maniged to get a kiss on the lips from him! made my day that did, ill never forget it!