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  • Trivia

    • Noel's brother Michael is eight years younger than him, he stars in The Mighty Boosh alongside him as Naboo The Shaman.

    • Noel has a sweet tooth but can't eat chocolate due to a bad liver.

    • In 2002 Noel lent his vocals to a track called Midfielding by Midfield General. The band who were experimenting with the idea of telling a story through music used Noel's story about the woodland animals of Great Britain going to Africa to attack the animals more commonly seen on TV and film, such as the lion. The track appears on the band's Generalisation album.

    • Noel has a very short apperance in the movie Plunkett and Macleane. Noel plays a brothel gent and delivers the line "What's going on?" in his aproximately 10 second role.

    • In 2003 Noel won the Time Out award for outstanding achievement.

    • Noel starred in the BBC TV short film Surrealissimo: The Trial of Salvador Dali, alongside Julian Barratt, Stephen Fry, Matt Lucas and Vic Reeves.

    • Noel is good friends with fellow comedian Russell Brand.

    • Noel sometimes plays bass for his girlfriend's electro-punk band Robots In Disguise, he also starred in the promo video and was on the cover of their EP alongside Chris Corner (ex sneaker pimps).

    • Noel appeared as the main role in a short film called "Sweet", which also starred Julian Barratt of The Mighty Boosh.

    • Noel Fielding and his "Mighty Boosh" partner, Julian Barratt, also appeared on the 2005 tv show, "Nathan Barley".

  • Quotes

    • Noel: My nan used to look after me in the summer holidays and she had a cat with one eye. It used to walk into walls and tables. I used to think it was hilarious. It was a slapstick cat.

    • Noel: Catch the vision, smell the dream. Make toast and then put it in your anorak. Yes! I'm the only comedian ever who drinks Perrier, it's a bit sad innit?

    • Noel: We didn't want to be known as Barratt & Fielding, we'd just sound like a company of solicitors. So we stumbled across the Mighty Boosh. It's much more flexible and it's amusing watching people having to say the word boooosh.

    • Noel: When I was a little kid I wanted to be Face [A-Team]. I thought, cos I had blond hair and he did too, that when I grew up I'd look like him

    • Noel: I did fine arts at college, quite a lot of drawings. I think stand-up for me is probably my way of painting. Each scene is probably a painting I haven't got the skill to paint.

    • Noel: I don't really like jokes in a way. I mean gags are fine but I like weird moments where what you have isn't really a joke, just tiny moments.

    • Noel: I always dress like a freak — like an arts student. I've always been obsessed with clothes. My mum was always into clothes, too. People like Mick Jagger and David Bowie; stylish, effeminate men really

    • Noel: When I'm 70 I might be a man in a park just wandering around, speaking in tongues with kids throwing bread at me.

    • Noel: If anyone slag's us off on the message board then they're straight in there. People come on the board and say, "I don't really get this, you're not even as funny as the Chuckle Brothers," and all of a sudden they get 30 emails from these girls saying, "Get off this site. This is the best program ever and we will kill you." They're hilarious...and slightly scary!!!

    • Noel: If you watch one show you just come away feeling angry and confused. We wanted to make something a bit more intricate with a story, some music and some animation

    • Noel: I think it puts people off when it's [The Mighty Boosh]described as this surreal comedy. It's not that surreal. It's more magical and everything happens sort of for a reason

    • Noel Fielding:When you put The Boosh on it's like what the **** is this, is it good or is it rubbish and then you get people who watch it once and don't get it, then they watch again and love it

    • Noel Fielding: The first time I saw Julian do stand-up I thought he was amazing. I tried to speak to him but he was very weird, serious, odd, slightly aloof. I probably freaked him out by bounding over. The next time I saw him I was with five friends who were girls. I think this gave me more credence, so we went for a drink, and the next day he rang me up to see if I wanted to write a TV show.