Nolan North

Nolan North


10/31/1970, New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Birth Name

Nolan Ramsay North


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    • Nolan: (about the greatest influence in his life) My brother, Nelson. He's seven years older than I am, but we have always been very close. He's the one who told me to pursue my dreams at any cost, because at least then you'll never have any regrets. My brother and I have a great bond.

    • Nolan: I do not have trademark eyebrows. They just have a life of their own.

    • Nolan: (about golf) I've played since I was little. My brother, dad, and I had our bonding time on the golf course.

    • Nolan: I think people are just destined to do certain things. Everything happens for a reason. The cards are already laid out; you just have to go with it.

    • Nolan: (on his role as a doctor on TV) God forbid some guy should have a heart attack and someone recognizes me and says, 'He's a doctor!' That man would surely die.

    • Nolan: (about his character Chris Ramsey) The irony about the character is that he's a very talented doctor, and he's very smart. He probably would win the Quartermaine residency on his own merits, but something in his past has made him insecure, and he's learned that doing these things will give him what he wants, even though he doesn't need to do them.

    • Nolan: I don't like clowns, I'm not kidding. They've always terrified me. I've been scared of clowns since I was a little kid.

    • Nolan: I got out of trouble as a kid by making my parents laugh. I'd use words like 'infraction,' which would crack them up.

    • Nolan: Ever wonder what guys talk about while they're golfing? Work, women, and wine.

    • Nolan: When I was a kid, I would lie in bed at night pretending I was talking to Johnny Carson about my next movie. That was when I was still a baseball player.

    • Nolan: With my personality, you either love me or hate me.

  • Talentless and Overrated!

    LBSH, his voice is very generic, and his acting is very annoying as hell! Especially when he did Penguin, that stupid character! Seriously, Nolan North sucks, because he hardly changes the voices, just like all other stupid English VOs. I'm tired of stupid English dubs!