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  • A rising star, wonderfully oozing talent, intellect and beauty.

    I first saw Nora Zehetner on Heroes, and think she's particularly underrated! It's a real pity she was killed out of the show so early on. Nora is a multi-talented actress, experienced across several film genres. She puts in edgy and believable performances, belying her 'late' entry into acting. Not being a 'stage-school brat' means she portrays her characters honestly and intelligently, rather than being predictable and formulaic. I can't wait to see what she does next!

    For me, Nora is inspirational, having been incredibly gifted at science and maths, and deciding to ditch them to follow a more artistic and creative career. Courageous decision! There aren't many people who, at 18, could reject the 'safe' option – something they are very good at - to take a risk and chase their dream. And I'm happy it paid off for her.

    It was probably an overzealous fan claiming she's in People's 100 Most Beautiful 2007. In any case, being mean about her isn't the solution. So in the interests of fairness, in my '1 Most Beautiful', Nora – with her lovely eyes - wins top prize! So, well done Nora! ;)
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    I've been a fan of Nora Zehetner ever since I saw her on Everwood. I thought she was so uniquely beautiful and talented..I hoped that she would appear in more shows and movies that would appeal to me. Well, she was in Brick which is now one of my favorite movies and she was awesome on Heroes. Looking forward to seeing what she gets involved in next. Nora you're wonderful!!
  • How could you mix up that beautiful long hair and those eyes of Rachel Bilsons with this short crop and these weird eyes?

    Totally over-rated and not that cute when you take a good look. I was very bummed when I saw her on Heroes and rather glad she was not around that long. Her acting is stiff, there's nothing believable about it..... I saw the movie Brick and just my opinion, but her lines are so memorized it's bland. I don't usually judge by one performance, but the small bits I've seen since then just are not impressive. I like to get into the character and with her I just can't. She gives me the creeps. Her and Ray Liota. (spelling?) yuck. Nora can't act, and she was not one of Peoples Most Beautiful, that was R. Bilson.
  • absolutely cute

    she is adorable. i love her playing laynie on everwood. ephram and her had so much chemistry and she was only on for a few episodes which sucks. maybe she\'ll come back =). we\'ll see, but someone said that madison is coming back which i didnt want to know. gosh people these days dont care about anyone