Noriaki Sugiyama

Noriaki Sugiyama


3/9/1976, Tokyo, Japan

Birth Name

Sugiyama, Noriaki



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Noriaki Sugiyama is a seiyuu, or Japanese voice actor, who was born in Tokyo. Some of his more famous roles includes Sasuke Uchiha in Naruto, Uryu Ishida in Bleach and Shirou Emiya in Fate/stay night. Alongside his work in anime and OVAs, Noriaki has voiced characters in Japanese…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Amazing voice actor*

    Noriaki Sugiyama is, without a doubt, one of the best voice actors ever. I absolutly love his works, such as Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto) and Uryuu Ishida (Bleach). He is an extremely believable actor. His roles fit his voice perfectly! He's gifted with a perfect voice, really, since he is also an amazing singer. I just love what he does, he's great.

    I hope we get to see him more in other roles in the future, and hopefully he'll release more albums.

    It would be interesting to see him doing films, where he would act instead of voice acting (although never dropping voice actiong, of course, he's perfect for this), because he's a great actor, he puts his heart and soul in his roles, and shows us so many different emotions only through is voice, he's amazing.

    Your great Sugiyama Noriaki =)

    Arigatou gozaimasu*moreless
  • Perfect for the role of Uchiha Sasuke.

    Noriaki Sugiyama. A better person could not be found to voice Sasuke. The effort and emotion he puts into voicing such a complex character is amazing. When Sasuke is angry, he REALLY sounds angry. When he could care less about something, you believe it because it sounds so genuine. His voice acting performance is just unbelieveable. I am not familiar with any of his other roles, but if he puts as much emotion and personality into it as he does with Sasuke, then they should be great. I really doubt anybody could do a better job, and put as much into voicing Sasuke as Noriaki Sugiyama does.moreless