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  • Greatest Weekend Update Ever!

    It's a real shame he's not an a-lister with a hit sitcom. If you ever saw Norm in his Saturday Night Live/Weekend Update hey day. You would see how bound for super stardom he was. No one has ever come close to being as funny as he was as the anchor of the show. Tina Fey and Amy Peohler have to team up to get as many luaghs as Norm did. Then you got Chevy Chase saying Norm was the "only true replacement" to him in that slot (Chevy Chase is abit stuck on himself). Does anybody else think he got black balled after Saturday night live? After all He got fired from SNL for "Not Being Funny" even though he was like 90 percent of the show at the time. That would have been like saying Will Ferrall wasn't funny when he left.

    Well I'm rambling,