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Writer, director and producer Norman Macdonnell cut his teeth in radio, and while it was on radio that he achieved some of his greatest successes, his legacy in television is immortalized with his creation of the longest-running prime-time drama series in TV history. Along with writer John Meston,…more


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    • In the premiere broadcast of his Fort Laramie radio series, Norman MacDonnell called the show "a monument to ordinary men who lived in extraordinary times." The show was about a group of cavalry soldiers at a frontier fort.

    • During his run as producer of the TV version of Gunsmoke, Norman Macdonnell guided the series to four consecutive seasons as the number one-rated show on television (1957-1961).

    • In a departure from his usual work, Norman MacDonnell directed Honest Harold, Hal Peary's comedy series after he left The Great Gildersleeve in 1950.

    • Norman MacDonnell directed the CBS radio version of Have Gun, Will Travel, which aired from 1958-1960.

    • After creating the Gunsmoke radio series, Norman MacDonnell became an associate producer of the TV version.

    • Norman MacDonnell created Gunsmoke after CBS President William Paley requested a hard-boiled Western, "a Philip Marlowe in the Old West."

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