Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus


1/6/1969, Hollywood, Florida, USA

Birth Name

Norman Mark Reedus


  • Norman Reedus in The Walking Dead
  • Norman Reedus in The Walking Dead
  • Norman Reedus in The Walking Dead
  • Norman Reedus in The Walking Dead
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Norman Reedus is an American actor from Hollywood, Florida. He was born on January 6th, 1969 and is also a highly accomplished painter, sculptor and photographer. His first appearance on the stage was in a production of "Maps for Drowners" at Sunset Boulevard's Tiffany Theater. Shortly afterwards, Reedus…more


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    • Norman: (on the Walking Dead) That's the bad thing about being on a zombie show, you never know when you're gonna get bit.

    • Norman: (on working in Georgia) I'm really falling in love with it here. I bought a 1979 F1 Ford truck which I don't know how the hell I'm going to park that in Chinatown when we're done. I'm in Georgia so a lot of people I'm meeting are like, 'You're my boy, you're my redneck boy!' So I'm getting a lot of love right now.

    • Norman: (on his faith) I don't really follow any particular religion, to be honest. I went to Catholic school for a minute when I was a kid and it kind of terrified me.

    • Norman: (on the controversy of being in the music video Judas) You know, I'm not afraid of that stuff. I know who I am. The thing with GaGa is she's very religious. She prays before everything, is such a team player and such a sweet lady. I knew she wasn't trying to offend. Pissing people off just to piss people off isn't her schtick. I like people who push the envelope and the whole point of art is to get people talking. So I didn't worry about the controversy so much.

    • Norman: I have a fear of death. I don't like the idea at all. I don't want to get old and die. My dad died when I was younger. He had a twin and I saw him die, too. My mom sold coffins for a little while when I grew up. She called them eternal beds.