Noureen DeWulf

Noureen DeWulf


2/24/1984, New York, New York, USA

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Noureen De Wulf
  • Derek Richardson, Barry Corbin, Noureen ...
  • Noureen DeWulf in Anger Management
  • Noureen DeWulf in Anger Management
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    • Noureen: Growing up in a conservative Muslim household played an impact on my psyche. It's allowed me to gain some perspective-a cultural perspective on my life and what I do.

    • Noureen: (about appearing on "Maxim"'s Hot 100 List) I know that beauty fades and beauty is on the inside – all those are the truest things, but it was flattering that they would choose me.

    • Noureen: I have to be honest, I don't think my career is easy to deal with for my Muslim family, and they have had to watch me do things onscreen that are unimaginable to them; kissing, cursing, me wearing what they consider to be risqué clothing, etc... but more and more, and as I work in more roles, I think my parents are understanding it's not me doing those things, but the character which I am portraying.

    • Noureen: (on being considered an up-and-coming hot female in the industry) Maybe it's a self-fulfilling prophecy, because when people keep telling you you're sexy, you become that. But I enjoy it. Sexuality is a part of life; why shy away from it?

    • Noureen: I think the most important thing women look for in men is a level of comfort in your life, if you're nerdy, be nerdy, if you're cool and super talkative, be that. I'm attracted to people who are comfortable with themselves and are proud to be that way.

    • Noureen: I know that when you have a lot of attention it gets hard to manage your life, but as actors and people whose careers necessitate a lot of attention, I think it's important to find the tools spiritually from inside yourself or family and figure out how to deal with your success, and learn how to be grateful.

    • Noureen: I would love to do a Bollywood movie, but I think it will come down to the script. If I find the right one for me I think it could happen.

    • Noureen: (advice to young South Asians who wish to pursue an acting career) My advice would be to follow your heart. I really believe that the Universe will align itself for you if you act on the truth of your being. I think happiness is important and it is contagious. If you are happy then I think your family will be happy for you.

  • Noureen DeWulf is a really versatile actress and she's hot!

    I saw Noureen DeWulf first in an independant film that was at Sundance called West Bank Story. She was phenomenal and beautiful. I then saw that she was in the new Paris Hilton movie National Lampoon's Pledge This! and I cant wait to see it. She is a really good comedienne and she had her own pilot on the WB this year called Mindy and Brenda I dont know if its coming out or not but i noticed that she is now filming American Dreamz with Hugh Grant. I cant wait to see more of her!moreless