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    • OJ was ordered by a Los Angeles Judge on February 20, 2007, to surrender all future residual checks to the Goldman family. Last year's residual checks totaled .39 cents.

    • O.J. was Ahmad Rahad's best man at his 1985 wedding to Cosby Show actress Phylicia Rashad.

    • O.J. was in a street gang called The Persian Kings as a youth in 1954.

    • O.J. was held liable for the deaths of Nicole and Ron Goldman by a jury in a civil suit, and held responsible for compensatory damages to the Goldmans. He was ordered to pay them the amount of $8.5 million on February 4, 1997.

    • O.J.'s lead defense attorney was the infamous Los Angeles based, Johnnie Cochrane. He made headlines, and a lasting trademark of the trial, with the one line defense of 'If it doesn't fit--you must acquit' referring to a pair of black gloves that were alledgedly used in the double homicide.

    • O.J.'s alibi for the time of his ex-wife's murder, is that he was in his backyard at home, hitting golf balls.

    • O.J. was implicated for the murder of his wife and her friend, Ron Goldman in 1994. He was found 'Not Guilty' in 1995 after trial and one year of confinement in 1995.

    • O.J. denies ever hitting Nicole, who often complained to authorities, family, and friends that she suffered beatings at his hand, due to her flirtatious behavior. He does, however admit to roughing her up a bit, through friendly 'wrassling'.

    • O.J. met 17-year-old Nicole Brown while still married to his first wife, Marguerite. The two were married in 1985, and their first child was born seven months later.

    • O.J. married Marguerite L. Whitney on June 24, 1967. They had three children before divorcing in 1979. Sadly, their third child drowned in the Rockingham mansion pool.

    • O.J. was sponsored in several golf tournaments by Hertz.

    • O.J. appeared in a series of commercials for Hertz Rental Cars, where he can be seen making his way running through an airport, hurdling luggage that stands in his way to catch his airline flight.

    • O.J was the first professional athlete to host the sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live on Februaury 25, 1978. He was the only former host not invited to attend the show's 25th Anniversary Special.

    • O.J. was the first pro football player to grace the cover of Rolling Stone magazine in September, 1977.

    • After retiring from football, O.J. spent most of his time golfing, working as a sports commentator, and starting up a career in acting.

    • O.J. played for the Buffalo Bills throughout most of his career, though he finished out his playing days with the San Francisco 49er's in 1979.

    • O.J.'s National Football League achievements include: most rushing yards gained in a single season, most rushing yards gained in a single game, and most touchdowns scored in a season.

    • O.J. gained national exposure as a star running back for the U.S.C Trojans. He set NCAA records and was labeled one of the greatest running backs of all time.

    • O.J. Simpson was born Orenthal James Simpson, and also goes by his nickname 'The Juice'. He is an accomplished football player, actor, author, and sportscaster.

    • O.J. Simpson joined the long list of celebrities lampooned by South Park. It happened in episode 79 entitled 'Butters Very Own Episode'.

    • He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1985.

    • O.J. is 6 feet, 1 inch tall.

    • His ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson was found murdered on June 12, 1994.

    • He was also awarded the Heisman Trophy in 1968.

    • He was awarded the Maxwell Award for the College (football) Player of the Year.

    • He attended the University of Southern California.

    • His nickname is The Juice.

    • Has children from his first marriage with Margueite L. Whitley. Arnelle, Jason and Aaren (who drowned in the family pool)

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