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    • Liam (on Oasis): The band will go on as long as we've got our hair and as long as we look cool. It's all about the barnet.

    • Noel: My band doesn't need some corporate fat pig who wears a dicky bow and thinks Sting and Phil Collins are the cutting edge of music to tell me how good my fucking group is.

    • Liam (After getting an award): It's a good thing we won, because we were going to thrash the place if we didn't.

    • Liam: Imagine if us four were walking down the street, they'd all say , 'Look at those mad fuckers with their haircuts.' When in reality it would be them who are the nutters.

    • Noel: The reason the band's stayed together is 'cos it has to, because basically I've got fuck all else. Haven't got anything else to look forward to.

    • Liam: We don't do EVERY hotel room. We've done about three in our lifetimes. (As of 1994!) We're not that fucking cliche, man. It's not like we walk into a hotel and go, okay, that T.V. goes out the window straight away!

    • Liam (After someone threw a rock at him on stage): Who ever's throwing things like this on stage... like... if you don't like the music, fuck off! If there're any more coming on, I'm off. And you gotta deal with all these people here who are enjoying themselves. If you don't like it, go fucking hang yourself! Don't be throwing fucking stones on stage like this... I don't wanna go blind over some fucking dickhead! This one's called... this one's called Roll With It, dickhead!

    • Noel: I am the songwriter, the brains behind the band, the quiet calm one. Liam's the nutcase, a stubborn little wank.

    • Liam: We should be judged as musicians, and bloody fine ones at that.

    • Liam: We'd rather play in front of 200 Oasis fans than 60,000 Death Metal fans.

    • Noel: Me and Bonehead would just walk into a hotel room and empty it out the window.

    • Noel: We're a rock band, a pop band, a punk band, but then we're something else altogether. If you go back through 30 years of music, we're the best bits, your favourite bits, all encompassed in one band. We're Oasis.

    • Noel: I told Our Kid the band was shit, but he definitely had something as a frontman. Then I said you either let me write everything, control everything, and make all the decisions, or forget it."

    • Noel: I do all the work so it's only right that I should get the most money. Plus I am the most handsome.

    • Noel: We're the best band on the planet. That's not arrogance, that's just a fact.