Ocean Hellman





11/8/1971 , Victoria, BC, Canada

Birth Name

Crystal Ocean Supri Heavenly Blue Sky Hellman




Born and raised in Victoria, on the southern tip of Canada's Vancouver Island, Ocean Hellman began her acting career as a three year old, on the suggestion of a local TV newscaster and family friend, Pamela Martin. Hellman first stepped before a camera for a dairy commercial, and eventually grew into larger roles. Her movie debut came in a small role opposite Jane Seymour in The Haunting Passion (1983) (TV), filmed in nearby Vancouver. However, it wasn't until a year or so later that Hellman first became known to most of her fans when she was cast as Nicole, the bright, wholesome daughter of Dr. Grant Roberts (Donnelly Rhodes) on the Vancouver-based family series "Danger Bay" (1985) . Since the end of that show's run in 1989, Hellman has continued working on television, including a number of guest appearances on other series being shot in or near British Columbia. In 1996, she managed to put her squeaky-clean "Danger Bay" (1985) image behind her, when she played the beautiful, mysterious Alexa in that year's "Timeless" episode of the Vancouver series "Highlander" (1992).