Odette Annable

Odette Annable


California, USA

Birth Name

Odette Juliette Yustman



Also Known As

Odette Yustman
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Odette Yustman, born on May 10, 1985 in California, started out in the entertainment business at the age of four with a role as one of the kindergarten girls in Kindergarten Cop. Later on, she started modeling while taking on a few roles throughout the years.



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    • Odette: (About the difference between using body and voice in a movie) There's a lot of difference because in a film, you're aware of the camera and you're on screen and you have to use your body movements. Doing a video game you also have to use your body because I move myself a lot, throwing, jumping up and down, to acquire that energy you can always sense through a voice. In that way it is the same but there's not as much pressure when you're doing a video game. Your face doesn't have to be on screen.

    • Odette: (About the difficulties during the shooting of "Cloverfield") I don't think I realized I'd have to do so many action sequences and running all the time. You have to look exhausted and terrified so it did take a lot out of us, especially since we were shooting at night. You can imagine that when it hit 2 or 3 in the morning, and you're running, it's just unreal.

    • Odette: (on choosing acting versus continuing her education) Modeling and acting just started kicking up, and I just said 'You know what, there's always time for school, so I'm going to go ahead and pursue this.

    • Odette: (on deciding to pursue a career in acting) I figured 'you know what, why not? I'm going to go ahead and do this'. I've been fortunate enough to be successful enough to just have that pay my bills, so it has been nice, just lovely. Very warm and welcoming.

    • Odette: I learned Spanish at home and, since half my family doesn't speak English, it's my first language.

    • Odette: (About working on "Cloverfield") It's one of the most exciting experiences that I've ever had, because I had the opportunity to work with producers J.J.Abrams and Bryan Burk and the director Matt Reeves, who are very big in the film industry.

    • Odette: (on what she wants in a man) Great smile. That's what attracts me. Confidence, not cockiness. He's gotta be a gentleman. Open the doors. Pick me up for a date. Bring a rose maybe.

    • Odette: (on acting in "Cloverfield") It's difficult because once you get to that place, you have to keep going. You find yourself in this emotional state and you're not acting anymore and you still feel so emotional. You have to overcome it and realize that you're acting and this is your job and what you're supposed to do.

    • Odette: I grew up on a farm. I'd watch my grandfather shoot our pigs in the head. It was horrifying-until we'd eat them.

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  • Ugh...get rid of her!

    Ugh, Odette is a horrible actress! She has absolutely no range whatsoever...she just walks around and acts like different versions of herself. I wouldn't really care, but she's got a MASSIVE ego...she really thinks that she's the hottest thing on two legs, and it's sickening. If I never have to see that big round face and bad skin again, it will be too soon. Bleck.
  • YAY Odette!

    I love this girl!!!!! I really hate it when some newcomer comes along and acts like they were just plucked off of the street. But not Odette Yustman. She seems very seasoned. Her performances on October Road so far are so rich with technique. It's subdued and right-on with a strong character-driven preformance each and every time. Someone should tell the writers to give her a bigger role, though. They should expand it - her character is that mysterious character who we want to know more of. So much I can say for the show, though. She's the bright spot in a show that's mediocre at best.moreless