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  • One of the absolute best actresses and one of the most underrated.

    Odette Annable is an actress that can play any role to its best. Nothing will be as great as Nola Longshadow on Banshee. This is one of the most versatile actresses in years I hope her next project is just as great.
  • Ugh...get rid of her!

    Ugh, Odette is a horrible actress! She has absolutely no range whatsoever...she just walks around and acts like different versions of herself. I wouldn't really care, but she's got a MASSIVE ego...she really thinks that she's the hottest thing on two legs, and it's sickening. If I never have to see that big round face and bad skin again, it will be too soon. Bleck.
  • YAY Odette!

    I love this girl!!!!! I really hate it when some newcomer comes along and acts like they were just plucked off of the street. But not Odette Yustman. She seems very seasoned. Her performances on October Road so far are so rich with technique. It's subdued and right-on with a strong character-driven preformance each and every time. Someone should tell the writers to give her a bigger role, though. They should expand it - her character is that mysterious character who we want to know more of. So much I can say for the show, though. She's the bright spot in a show that's mediocre at best.
  • Odette seems pretty good at what she does. I hope she makes it to wherever she wants to go in here career.

    She seems like a prettygood actress, and an even better model. She's really very pretty. This is probably just a milestone in the beginning of a good career.And the fact that she started out withsmall parts means she\'s been looking for something like this for a long time now. I hope she gets to wherever it is she\'s hoping to go. Plus, She looks really cute with Marcus!