Olesya Rulin

Olesya Rulin


3/17/1986, Moscow, Russia

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Olesya Rulin


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Olesya Rulin is best known for her role as Kelsi Neilsen on High School Musical. She can read, read and speak Russian fluently and has stared in other Disney films like 2004's Halloween Town 3.

As of 2008, Olesya is attending Westminster College .


Trivia and Quotes

  • A fantastic actress!

    Oleysa Rulin was born in Moscow, Russia on March 17, 1986. She is a very underrated and talented actress. She is best known as playing Kelsi Nielsen in the Disney Channel Movies, High School Musical and High School Musical 2. I really liked her character in those movies. We heard her sing in the 2nd movie and she has an okay singing voice, but it's better than Ashley Tisdale's! I also saw her in the DCOM, Halloweentown High. She played Natalie, the Pink Troll. She was also very good in that. I hope to see her in more movies and shows because she is a very talented person.moreless
  • Olesya Rulin is the Co-Star that should be the Star! She could take the stage, her acting skills are amazing, and I don't doubt her singing is just as great. But, does she really want all the attention?moreless

    Olesya Rulin is an amazing actress, I am still unsure as to the reason why she isn't as popular as the others like Zac, Vanessa, or Ashley. I don't see why she wouldn't be on posters or anything, with her acting skill, she should be doing far bigger roles than the composer of a play. Or, at least getting better acknowledgment for her roles. Even as a pink troll, she was amazing, she pulled off being disgusted by the human race better than most actresses her age, with her, you could practically see the disgust in her eyes. Olesya Rulin deserves better, she's worth the attention. Although, I must wonder, does she want the attention, I mean, if she had fought someone on the credit given to her for HSM, then there's a very large chance that she would have ended up on a poster, or the cover of the cd case. She has a wonderful life, she's aiming for a terrific degree, she just doesn't seem like the kind of girl that begs for the attention of her fans. Hasn't anyone ever noticed the lack of lone pictures we (as the fans) have of her? Most of the pictures we have of Olesya, it's her in one of the movies, dressed as the character along with others. And if it's not a movie freeze frame, then it's a behind-the-scenes shot. I personally have found only 3 pictures that she purposefully posed for. Perhaps, she only does the small roles for a reason.moreless