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    • Olga: I don't see divorce as a failure. I see it as the end to a story. In a story, everything has an end and a beginning. We were born and we die. In between I think we try to live as best we can. I am glad to have spent a part of my life with my two ex-husbands. My divorces were not a sad experience. It's just communication.

    • Olga: (On the James Bond films) Daniel (Craig) is my favourite Bond. He suits the part perfectly and he is a great actor.

    • Olga: (On her character in "Quantum Of Solace") She's careful and she doesn't trust that easily. So basically with men, she either uses them, or if they're no use, and she sees that they can't serve her, then she throws them away. First she is trying to figure this guy out. But Bond and Camille do warm up to each other.

    • Olga: (On her film "The Serpent") Where I come from in the Ukraine, the girls from Slavic countries get trapped in the same way illegally as the character I play in this film. Their papers and passport get taken and they are used in the sex trade. She is being used as a tool - a way of destroying people, she is being used herself. This happens to a lot of girls; they think they are going somewhere nice for a new life but it's not what happens.