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  • One of the best actors ever in daytime, and uber-sexy too boot. Also seems to be a genuinely great human being. It's a shame All My Children chickened out of the groundbreaking storyline.

    Ms. Sosnovska had more chemistry with her equally amazing co-star (Eden Reigel) than most any other actor had on All My Children. Her acting was superb, and at times subtle. In one scene she expressed the most heart-renching sorrow with a single tear. Amazing. Unfortunately, All My Children chose not to follow the beautiful love story to its logical conclusion, and Olga left to pursue other roles. She felt that if the writers weren't going to stay true to this important storyline, it wasn't worth her time. Beautiful, talented, and principled. An amazing human being.
    She next took a role on a British spy show called Spooks in the UK (MI-5 in the US). She plays Fiona, a member of the MI-5, Britian's equivalent of the CIA. Here she could really show her talents. She was tough, sexy, and caring. Despite being very thin, she was very believable as a tough secret agent. Her ability to play a variety of roles and display the full range of human emotions is unparalleled.