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    OH.... is sooo freakin hilarious on this show - don't know if its the writers or his comedic timing - but its a GASSS
  • I like him!

    I immediately liked Oliver when he was Eddie on Dawson's Creek. While I do not watch Rules of Engagement I still do like him.
  • Oliver Hudson, son of Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson, is often overshadowed by his famous family including sister Kate Hudson.

    Generally playing likeable characters in shows such as Rules of Engagement and The Mountain, Oliver Hudson is yet to reach his full potential as an actor.
    Rules of Engagement now looks like Oliver's best chance of making a name for himself rather than being known as "Goldie's son" or "Kate's brother". Hopefully this show will open up more opportunities for him to move forward in his career.
    As an actor he is relaxed and seems comfortable in front of the camera and has great comic timing which seems to run in the family.
    Oliver is also able to play serious and troubled characters, making it surprising that with his good looks and famous name, he hasn't really transpired to the big screen as yet.