Oliver James

Oliver James


6/1/1980, Ottershaw, Surrey, England

Birth Name

Oliver James Hudson



Also Known As

Oliver James
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Oliver James Hudson was born on June 1, 1980. His father taught him driving in the age of 5. One day Oliver picked car racing as a profession. At the age of seventeen he had to choose between racing and becoming an entertainer. Oliver James graduated from the…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Amazing guy with a lot of talent!

    I wish he was in a lot more movies than he's in now, i'd love to see him on the screen again.I've only seen him in 'What A Girl Wants' well, honestly because i really don't like Hilary Duff.For what I've seen him in though, he is an amazing, charming, handsome actor!I would have fallen for him at first sight!Besides acting, he can also sing very well, at least in my opinion.I love listening to him on the 'What a girl wants' soundtrack.Besides the song he played in the movie 'long time coming' theres also a song thats not on the movie, which is one of my favorites, 'greatest story ever told'.If you are a fan of, well, basicly swoon-on-the-spot music, lister to 'greatest story ever told'!You don't even have to listen to his music, just watch him in 'What A Girl Wants'.He is what i call the perfect picture of the words 'charm' and 'sweet'!Anyway, back to his acting skills :).He is amazingly compatible as far as acting with Amanda Bynes!Great acting duo if you ask me.Well, before this review gets any longer, I'll leave you with my opinion, and we'll see what happens :).

    Also before i go, i apologise for my poor grammer and spelling skills, sorry :).

  • So Hott!

    Oliver Jamesis sooo cute. I have seen Raise Your Voice and What a Girl Wants. I have both movies ans I love them. Today I watched What a Girl Wants. It is such a good movie. I think in Raise Your Voice he kind of looks like a skunk the way his hair is but it is cute.Well he is just plain cute. I love his accent. I have a friend who has an accent just like him. I could hear her talk all day it is so cool. Well Im off to watch another movie and reviem more people. Bye!