Oliver Platt

Oliver Platt


1/12/1960, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

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Oliver James Platt


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Oliver Platt was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. His place of birth is often reported as Washington because that is where his parents resided at the time. His parents are Sheila Maynard, a former clinical social worker in Islamabad, and Nicholas Platt who served as the U.S. Ambassador…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 2008, he was considered for the Light on the Hill Award by the Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate, to honor him as a distinguished alumni of Tufts University. The Senates's president Neil DiBiase stated that they would prefer to wait for a better opportunity since Oliver Platt wasn't able to come to the campus in that semester.

    • In an interview in 1998, he stated that his family doesn't accompany him to the sets. He explained to have an open plane ticket while filming in order to visit them frequently.

    • He is distantly related to Orson Welles and is a second cousin, once removed, of Lady Diana Frances Spencer, the late Princess of Wales.

    • Oliver Platt enjoys baseball, especially the dramatic games held during the playoffs. As a kid, his family had season tickets for the Redskins and he has stated that he has been a fan of the Boston Red Sox since attending Tufts University.
      As a kid, when he was in Asia, he used to play soccer.

    • Oliver Platt attended twelve different schools before High School graduation. He used to join the drama classes because he enjoyed their feel of subculture and coherence. When he was in ninth grade, he got expelled from three schools in Japan because of Marijuana use. After that, he went to boarding school in Colorado.

    • He has received four Emmy nominations. His first nomination for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series was in 2001, for the portrayal of Oliver Babish on The West Wing.
      He received two nominations for his role as Russell Tupper in Huff as Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series in 2005 and 2006.
      In 2008, he was again nominated for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series for his work on Nip/Tuck.
      Also for Huff, he received a 2005 Golden Globe Awards nomination for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television.
      For his Broadway debut in Conor McPherson's Shining City, he was nominated in 2006 for a Tony Award as Best Leading Actor in a Play.
      In 2005, he won the the New York Film Critics Online Award for best supporting actor in Casanova.

    • Showtime's drama series Huff, which aired from 2004 to 2006, was the first project with Oliver Platt and Hank Azaria as co-stars. They met as undergraduates at Tufts University in the early 80s but although both were actors and close friends, it took more than twenty years before they appeared on-screen together.

    • Oliver Platt is rather tall with a height of 6'3" (1.91m).

  • Quotes

    • Oliver Platt: (on seeing footage of himself) I'm not a big dailies guy. I don't like to be reminded about myself. Especially when I'm kind of a pretty extreme character. (...) And sometimes I find myself, sprinting away from the monitor because no one warned me, because just for me, I don't want to see that kind of stuff.

    • Oliver Platt: (interview in 1999) I've got a wife and three kids, so film is just the most viable thing for me right now. I still love the theater, but the commitment in time and energy to do live theater is so great, and, frankly, the financial rewards are just not as attractive. When you have a family, you have to think about those things.

    • Oliver Platt: (on the Writers' Strike 2008) What we're looking at is the writers who create this stuff are not getting compensated for it. I wish I could hand all of my iTunes content back because I've now been educated to the fact that the people who write it don't get anything - which is ridiculous!

    • Oliver Platt: (on shooting the 1988 movie Crusoe) I was flown to the Seychelles Islands and found myself sitting around nudist beaches, eating smoked fish and being paid more money on a daily basis than I would have been paid for the whole run of an off-Broadway play. It was obvious my values would be imminently corrupted.

    • Oliver Platt: I would hang around my parents' parties, and their friends would ask what I was going to do and the only answer I could think of was, "I'm going to be an actor." It's what I did best. It's what I enjoyed. Of course, I had no idea what that entailed. (laughing) I was sort of an underachiever.

    • Oliver Platt: (when asked about his distant relative Princess Diana) I never met her. It's a non-story. I'd love to tell you we were confidantes. The truth is I don't know much more about it than you do.

    • Oliver Platt: (on the Broadway play Shining City) Put it this way: I'm terrified every night. I'm constantly humbling myself before the line gods.

    • Oliver Platt: I'm a tremendously lucky guy. I think that there are aspects to being a character actor where you actually get offered more interesting roles and you have a wider variety of things you get to do.

    • Oliver Platt: (on the way his travel experiences affect him) I am determined to move my children as little as possible, I mean I do the traveling to work as a necessity but I like that we are very, very careful.

    • Oliver Platt: The only thing I wanted to do when I was a young naive kid was to become a New York stage actor. I thought that would be nirvana. I think of myself as an actor. If other people want to pigeonhole me, if they want to think of me as a big deal or a medium deal or a small deal, well, that's up to them.

  • Though known more for his extensive film work, Oliver Platt packs the same wallop into his TV appearances.

    Regardless of the role type or size, Oliver Platt finds and delivers an easy emotional authenticity in every characterization. He is a great comedic actor, yet also has the presence and intensity to create and carry out the most intricately evil and disturbed bad guy roles. Though known more for his extensive film work, Oliver Platt packs the same wallop into his TV appearances, be they a one-shot Guest Star or a Series Lead. The problem with the Series Leads roles seems to be that big fans of his--including the producers and creators of his shows--KNOW how very talented and versatile he is, but the writing is so formulaic and predictable, watching a Platt-led TV series is a lot like watching a grand eagle sit in a cage: you feel the power, and the immediacy of that power, but you never get to really see it soar and "stretch its wings." Neither TV comedy nor drama has used Platt's ability to its fullest, and in fact, seems to be limiting him, thus leading to dissatisfaction for the viewer. Yet he remains the "go to" guy for industry insiders with a comedy or a drama ready for production. Thank goodness. Maybe some day someone will hire writers up to the challenge of creating complexity and taking risks commeasurate with this actor's ability.moreless
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    No matter what role he plays, Oliver Platt is truly a cool actor. You really believe that he got into acting because he loves it for what it is. You'll never see him in any tabloids and you won't hear any gossip about him. In his roles, you sense more realism than many other actor's who are considered more talented than he. Of all of his roles in all of his movies, my favorite has to be "A Time To Kill."moreless