Oliver Stone (I)

Oliver Stone (I)


New York, New York, USA

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William Oliver Stone


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Undoubtedly one of the most controversial directors in Hollywood, Oliver Stone has made films that are remarkable for both the way in which their subject matter is handled and the degree of controversy such handling inspires. Although he has served as a producer, screenwriter, and actor on a…more


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  • Conspiracy, I think not!

    Alright, so most people apparently dislike his movies. Why? I seen three or four of his movies and found them quite good. To me his best movie is Alexander. I seen the directors cut and that was wicked. However, when I seen Alexander revisited I found it way better. It gave me more information and filled some loose holes. Another one of his movies is Platoon, talk about good. It focused on the Vietnam war and showed us what went on, from his experiences of course. Then there was World Trade Center. After awhile you get tired of hearing about it, but this was certainly worth the time to watch. I don't know why people say stuff about him. He's a good director, writter, etc, and speaks the truth.moreless
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    Great director, he has directed so much good films. JFK, Platoon, Scarface, and I think that all of them are really good movies. I think that Oliver Stone is a good director, with a lot of potential and into a lot of dedication to his job. I really like his style and the way he acts and everything, he is very cool.