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Olivia Cheng


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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Olivia Sonya Cheng


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Olivia Sonya Cheng, actress, writer, journalist and news correspondent, was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She is Asian Canadian and was born on August 20. Her parents are immmigrants from Hong Kong. Her father was in the software business and her mother is a health aide.…more


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    • Olivia: I was 23 when I was diagnosed with severe clinical depression yet I refused treatment for months because I couldn't get past the stigma of being labeled mentally ill.

    • Olivia: Um, I think to put it in context for you and other people who don't know much about, uh, Nanking, a lot of us know, of course, during World War II, that six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, but a lot of people don't know that about an estimated 18 to 30 million Chinese were also killed during the same period, uh, in World War II by the Japanese Imperial Army. And the way that Auschwitz represents, uh, eh, is kinda the dark symbol of the Jewish Holocaust, Nanking represents and is the dark symbol of the Chinese Holocaust.

    • Olivia: Lately I'm trying to eat really good salads and I'm constantly on a cleanse of some sort because I live in Vancouver now and this is a crazy health conscious city.

    • Olivia: I was so meek and timid being one of the only Chinese kids in class.

    • (on her article about battling depression)
      Olivia: I wrote that article because there's so little information out there for young people, and we don't always have the life experience or courage to admit we need help. It was terrifying turning something so private into a public display but I felt I was in a position to reach a lot of youth and I felt it would have been irresponsible to deny that social obligation. I knew the article had done its job when a girl called to tell me she'd been planning to commit suicide that weekend until her mom slipped my article under her door.

    • Olivia: Children of immigrants really feel the weight of their parents sacrifice in coming to Canada, and it's all about chasing something secure.

    • Olivia: Iris Chang was a powerful voice who ended a stifling silence on behalf of countless victims whose cries for mercy might otherwise never have been heard. Her passion enlightened the world and inspired an astounding legacy. It's an incredible honor to portray a woman whose words moved so many, and whose memory continues to live on in the hearts of millions.

    • Olivia: I was born to play Iris Chang.

    • (on Broken Trail)
      Olivia: I guess a lot of people didn't recognize that I was an actress as well. I've sort of been forced out of the closet with this high-profile project.

    • (on Robert Duvall)
      Olivia: In the movie, he's a surrogate father to us and in real life he made a real effort to get to know us. He was so kind and generous and immediately put us at ease.

    • (on Robert Duvall)
      Olivia: As an actress, it was like winning the lottery. To get to watch one of the Living Legends is an amazing experience—a lightning strike. It changed my perspective on acting. Robert Duvall brings something different to every take. He doesn't have a set reaction. He reacts, not acts. He plays off what the other actor brings. He taught all of us that acting is about being on camera and letting it capture what you are doing.

    • (on playing Ye Fung in Broken Trail)
      Olivia: I had not known that even in the early 1800s, young Chinese girls were brought over to America and forced into prostitution in brothels and mining camps across the Midwest. During filming, I realized that if I was born in a different time and different place, it could have been me.

    • Olivia: I wrote about my personal battle with depression a couple of months ago to raise awareness and education about the illness. The piece was picked up by 5 major papers across Canada and the response was overwhelming. Depression is something that's hard to understand, or even believe in unless you or someone close to you has gone through it. So many people have experienced it but hide that fact because of the shame and stigma associated with depression. I guess my goal in writing the piece was to tear down the taboo surrounding the illness by encouraging people to talk about it.

    • Olivia: I actually wanted to be a mutant with super powers. I was an X-Men and X-Factor comic book geek...are you laughing at me?