Olivia Colman

Olivia Colman


1/30/1974, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom

Birth Name

Sarah Caroline Colman



Also Known As

Olivia Coleman, Oliva Colman
  • Ian (Hugh Bonneville) & Sally (Olivia Co...
  • Sally (Olivia Colman) in Twenty Twelve
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Olivia Colman is an English comedic actress who has starred in numerous television, radio and theatre productions in the UK.

Her most notable appearances include her roles as Harriet Schulenburg in Green Wing and Sophie Chapman in Peep Show. She has also starred alongside David Mitchell and…more


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    • Olivia: Every now and then I think I should write something, and I'd love to get a crack at doing my own stuff, but I can't write so that's no use!

    • Olivia: I always imagined I'd be playing Lady Macbeth and Medea and things, but it turned out I wasn't very good at that. So luckily I got work doing comedy acting, actoring, and I love it.

    • Olivia: This may sound mad, but you sort of assume that no one's going to watch what you do. You go on set, have a lovely time, and then you forget anyone's going to see it. So it's always a bit of a shock to be recognised. I get terribly embarrassed.

    • (On fame)
      Olivia: Thankfully, I'm still at the level where most people don't know who I am. I prefer it like that. I'm basically a slipper-wearing, parka-wearing, slightly spotty lady, who likes to wander around Peckham with her pushchair.