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  • This lady deserves more exposure

    I really agree with Goremgyrl. Olivia made Nicole real, and complex. She was a monster and vulnerable, created atipathy and sympathy at the same time, and just when you thought you had her pegged, she saved someone's life! She and "Bobby" had a chemistry that brought life into each show, and it is a shame to feel that she is permanently out. Of course, no one in a T.V. series can be counted as permanently "out", just look at all the "dead" people who astonishingly re-appear. The fact that her character has (apparently) died bothers me, as though she were a real person, which says something to her ability to fill a role and make it her own.
  • I think because of her role on law and order criminal intent people think of her as a villan. If given the chance I think she can make it far as an actress.

    The Law and Order: CI show portrays her to be some one that does not abide by the law, some one that is a bad girl. There are several people that don't like her because of that. (Even though it is just a movie). I think that it may be a good idea for her to make some other appearances in other shows, so others can see exactly who Olivia D'abo is. In my own person opinion I think she is a great actress and if given the chance she will go far. Of course this is only my opinion.