Olivia Hallinan

Olivia Hallinan


1/20/1984, Hounslow, Middlesex, England

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  • Laura Timmins (Olivia Hallinan),Gabriel ...
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  • In my opinion, Olivia is one of the most talented young stars. Szhe is fantastic girl and beautiful women ... and I love Her ( i'm from Poland)!

    Olivia is one of the most talented young stars. She is my favourite actress and I love Her; She is beautiful, intelligent ... I'm from Poland,. However I really love her... Her smile is fantastic, her blue eyes are beautiful, She is gorgeous ...

    Love U all my heart, Olivia !

    Yours fan - Qar :)
  • All i want to say about Olivia is that she is fantastic and i love her to bits. Olivia is a really good actress and i worship her!

    i just want to say that i love Olivia so much!!! i think she is gorge, cute n everything else. It should be the other way round in sugar rush, sugar fancying kim. i think olivia is a really good actress n i will be a fan forever. Olivia has inspired me and i respect her loads. I wish i knew her and i was her best friend! That would be ace! I love her so so much!! i will stay b her as a fan forever because i have loved everything what she has been in so far and since i saw her about 2 or 3 years ago in girls in love i have been a huge fan. love you Olivia so much!! charlie .xxxxxmoreless