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  • The man at G4 has lost his mind! Attack of the Show is still suffering from the loss of Sarah Lane and Brendan Moran. Olivia Munn and Zach Selwyn need to be given the boot. Munn can be a mannequin and Selwyn can be

    Olivia Munn is nice to look at, but that's it!
    G4 needs to bring back Sarah Lane!

    Bring back Sarah Lane!
    Bring back Sarah Lane!

    Bring Brendan Moran back while you\\\'re at it. His "replacement" Zach Selwyn is insane (clinically). Selwyn needs to tone it down a bit.

    I want hosts that have personality and knowledge about the video game industry. Attack of the show use to be my favorite show. Now I can barely stand it.
  • Needs fine tuning, but she has Big potential

    While the fanboy world was lit when they received news on a new host for Attack of the Show, Munn didn't realize she was about to come under fire. And granted I dislike the change going on at G4 at the time, and still appreciated the connection to TechTv Sarah Lane had...I realized that change was to be expected in this world of money. So I tried to give the new host a chance. Lucky I did. Olivia brings something different to the show. She brings a different attitude to the show and that girl-next-door behavior. Add that to the fact that she can make fun at her own expense, and she may have what it takes to be a star.

    Her only faults come when she is placed with other people who have been on televion longer than she has. This was shown during the 2006 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) coverage G4 provided. She hosted with three other individuals who were the faces of the network for some time. Munn made a few errors during the live coverage and at times looked uncomfortable. Even though she had prior experience with Fox Sports, she didn't seem to fit in at times. Then there were other times where she fit in perfect and looked like she had been there forever.

    She has the looks to be on television as well as the personality. But as an added bonus, she still communicates with her fans. When she becomes more comfortable, she may become a bigger star. But one thing you can be on, people will be hearing more about Olivia Munn in the future.