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    • Olivia Thirlby: (on Snow Angels) Mostly, the film is beautiful, and that's the reason to go see it. I saw it last night for the fifth time. I was not planning on sitting through the movie. And it just started, and I didn't want to go get up. I enjoyed the movie again so much. I'm so familiar with it-I know every cut that's coming up, I know what's about to happen. Every time I watch it, I love it more and more. It's beautiful, beautiful.

    • Olivia Thirlby: (about her sex scene with Josh Peck in The Wackness) When you're naked with somebody with a whole bunch of people who aren't naked, it's a really bonding experience!

    • Olivia Thirlby: (if being a native New Yorker helped her filming The Wackness) I knew as soon as I read the script that I'd be really perfect for it. I sort of ended up playing Stephanie as myself. That's actually really me.

    • Olivia Thirlby: When I was a teenager I became really obsessed with old-school hip-hop. Some of my favorite songs are on The Wackness soundtrack.

    • Olivia Thirlby: My favorite part of the [Sundance Film] festival is the 2nd half of it, which I stayed for. Everybody leaves and you can just go around and see movies and you know, the only people remaining are the ones that are there for the films so it's a lot of fun.

    • Olivia Thirlby: Stage combat is so fun and it's very difficult. It's kind of a choreographed dance. The idea is you're beating yourself up and just making it look like somebody else is doing it.

    • Olivia Thirlby: (on Juno) I always hoped that I would be able to find some little place to be a part of the movie and I'm really happy I did.

    • Olivia Thirlby: I'm often surprised where the emotion comes out in a scene, and usually I can't plan it. It's funny, I know people who've attended drama school who try to forget what they've learned because it bogs them down. For me, it's instinctual, the more I think about it the more my performance suffers.

    • Olivia Thirlby: (on the shirt she wore while an interview) This T-shirt was born in 1983, three years before I was. You should be interviewing my T-shirt. I bet it's seen some amazing things.

    • Olivia Thirlby: (on the work with Ben Kingsley) Sir Ben, you know, is Sir Ben. He's absolutely a Sir-he's a very regal fellow. Working with him was an amazing experience.

    • Olivia Thirlby: The truth is that stage and film acting don't translate, and they're completely different things. Altogether, just your entire approach to it is on the opposite end of the spectrum. If there's anything that Shakespeare has taught me most, it's to search the text for the answers.

    • Olivia Thirlby: I think the reason why a lot of teen relationships don't feel authentic is because they're scripted by people who are completely unrelated to teen relationships, people who don't remember their own or didn't have their own.