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  • Sorry guys

    I think she is absolutely phenomenal. Not talking looks wise but she literally radiates some sort of energy when she's on camera. I'm not even talking about her acting it's just her persona is so intense.

    No one agrees even a little bit?
  • Olivia Wilde's alright, but she's so overrated. I'm sick of seeing her, she's like the face of House

    I never cared for Olivia Wilde. After she came onto the show House, it was like Cameron was out of the picture...and then it was all about Thirteen! Olivia Wilde is a pretty good actress and she's a gorgeous woman, I'll give her that. But when it comes to House, the show's better off without her on it. I'm glad she's kind of phasing out on the show. (Better not hold my breath, she'll probably be back). I'm tired of her always "representing" House on the red carpet, in interviews on TV, and in magazines. I want to see someone like Jennifer Morrison once in a while. After all, she is the original female lead. It's always about Olivia Wilde: how gorgeous she is, how well she dresses, how she's one of the sexiest women in the world, her personal life. Geez, give it a rest for 5 minutes. I want to see the rest of the cast at events...not just her. Sorry Olivia, but in my opinion, House doesn't revolve around you!
  • We would have given her the credit she deserves long time ago if she wasn't so gorgeous.

    I must admit I have seen her previous show appearances' in Skins, the Black Donnelly's and the O.C and dismissed her like just another pretty face, not giving her the respect she deserves (you have done the same too!) Actually when she was casted as thirteen in House M.D I was pretty worried that the chemistry of the show might be in jeopardy but as soon as the 4th season started she became one of my favorite characters because she could show a deepening sadness as well as a complicated emotional side along many great actors…. Season 5 has just prove what we already know, Olivia is a great actress despite her beauty and grace that often leads us astray of the path of good judgment
  • Has been in lots of minor roles, as well as a recurring character for TV programmes. Currently as a recurring character in House (starring Hugh Laurie) and filming a movie - Year One (staring Jack Black and Michael Cera).

    I have loved this actress since she was in The OC as Alex, first Seth's girlfriend and later Marissa's. She is very believable as well as likable. I got so excited (I know, I am sooo sad) when I saw the second episode of Season 4 of House, and realised she was in it. I was even more excited when she stayed on instead of getting fired.
    She is an amazing actress, and beautiful in a 'punk' sort of way. I can't wait for her new film Year One which also stars Jack Black and Michael Cera (MC is Juno's bf in 'Juno').
  • Oliva Wilde plays number 13 in Fox's HOUSE M.D. and she does a wonderful job of it too. She's an outgoing girl who learns from her character bit by bit, and is a great actoress!

    Olivia Wilde is by far, one of the most talented actors(ress) in MY perspective. I love how she plays Number 13 (though I do hope to learn her real name!!!) She learns a lot from her character, and I think that we all can. And though I haven't seen the other thigns shes worked in I'm sure they're all spectacular, because Oliva is a beatiful, talented actor and my favourite only to Natalia Tena/TONKS!!! I hope to see more of her in House, and enjoy watching her. I think that she and Laurie have good chemistry on the screen, which is what makes her, in part, work for Number 13!!!
  • empty

    I really only know Olivia Wilde from her role on television's short-lived, "Skin," and "The O.C.," but based on that, I can say that she certainly has talent as an actress. I would like to see her land some more film roles and branch out into comedy. I did think she was decent in "Alpha Dog."
  • the second season was very touchy and intense. i enjoyed the series. the ups and downs of the relation between all characters was very well potrayed. relations one by one took time to settle . a true and realistic potrayal of the young generation.

    i think alex was an excellent character in the series, which bought out a very realistic emotion in marissa. a very true depiction of teenage emotion. and olivia wilde has done a great job . she is absolutely gorgeous. never saw marissa in this shade . but was absolutely well done. both characters complmented each other very well.
  • Shge's the best thing on the OC!

    Olivia wilde caught my attention two years ago when she was on the OC as a bi-sexual who developed a relationshio with Misha Barton. They're a loving couple and I was rooting for them to keep their relationship together. I like Olivia wilde, not because she's gorgous, but she can take risk, unlike most actresses of today. Olivia broke ground for a lot of actresses. For me, I'm in love with her. I recent saw her in the movie "Apha Dog" and she was great. But the best moment is when she share a kiss with Misha Barton. Hot couples don't last! I disagree!
  • Olivia's definitely one of my favorite actresses.

    I love all the different roles she plays becuase she really gets into them. She's very talented in every role she plays because she is so flawless. She was great in The OC and in Skin, and how funny was she in Punk'd! I cant wait until her new movies come out later this year.
  • She was so good on the OC

    i miss her on the OC. i would be so cool if she came back for like 1 or 2 eppis. it must have been weird to have to make out with a girl. she is also really pretty. blah blah blah bla can not think of anything else to say blah blah