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  • Very talented actor and great character!

    I was disappointed by how few reviews there are for this actor/character. Omar Epps is a VERY talented actor! You feel every nuance. His character allows him to express an incredible range of emotions and personality traits. This actor really brings depth to his character. It doesn't hurt that he's a very fine looking man, too.

    The character, Dr. Foreman, is really terrific. He's the most mature character in the show. You get a tremendous feel for his struggles against his own prejudices. He's not an overly-emotional wet-noodle like Cameron and not an amoral wimp like Chase. This character knows what he believes and knows how to deal with reality. I believe he clearly sees other people's strengths and weaknesses - except where his personal biases are involved. You may think that this is the case with all people. If so, you are mistaken. This character questions everything and everyone. That is the basis for critical thinking. When he fails to question some assumption, you know that the story is hitting one of his personal biases. Chase and Cameron too often react childishly and have blind trust in others - especially House (in Season 1). I would have emphasized the fact that Foreman's article was so different from Cameron's, that she could have still published hers if she weren't such a whiny, childish character. Life is not going to crush a character like Foreman.
  • I love House and hate to miss an episode.

    Omar Epps is a character you can feel like you know personally. He sticks to his opinion no matter how much House bullies him. In my opinion he should have more of a open relationship with Thirteen. I would think with how he argues his opinion with House where cases are concerned he would fight more for his right to date a co-worker if he so desires. I enjoy the scenes with him struggling to not show his emotions with patients. He is so much like House, but better and more refined. Don't get me wrong if I had a life threatening disorder I would do all I could to get the team of Houses on my case. This show is one of my favs. All the actors are top notch to me and make the show seem to be more reality then just another one hour drama on TV.
  • Balances the show...

    O.k, I've been watching House for sometime now and the show has a simple routine: House: I don't want the problem, huh, did you say the problem is in his eyes but his hand stopped working?! And he is bleeding out his ass?! We have to solve that... blah blah blah... cameron: i think the problem is.... blah blah house: you're wrong.... Chase: it seems to be... blah blah... kiss ass here, kiss ass there... but them comes foreman: all mellow, with the attitude that makes you feel well at least i get paid to work here, and puts everything in balance, a normal character to a very disturbed cast....
  • Dr. Foreman, i mean Omar, u r HOT!!!! Keep up the good work and congrats to u and your family....GOD BLESS :) your biggest fan!!!!

    I like all your movies, seem as if we both have something in common, anyway i admire that you followed your dreams..i wonder what would you be doing if you were not a actor???? Probably being my husband!!!!!!! I seem to always catch your movie Love and Basketball daily but my all time favorite is Juice... I also like First Time Felon, u are the man, i mean acting and directing, goodness. House is also a favorite, it seems like a challenging role...i can see you as a doctor...i mean that tells you how good you are to your fans... u r one of my most admired actors i would love to meet one day...:)
  • not very good...

    Omar Epps is an ok actor. He is probably best know for playing Doctor Foreman in House and he doesn't do a very good job. He's just average. Any other actor could have done as good as a job as him, or even better. I suppose it's hard to be a doctor on TV and say a lot of medical mumbo jumbo and look respectable, but he could stlil do better. He's acting along side Hugh Laurie and just is a miggette in comparison. Anyways, overall, Omar Epps is a very mediocre actor and I don't think he should receive more roles.
  • Omar epps what can i say but fine, fine , fine and very talented. He should be noticed a little bitt more because his work is awsome.

    I love omarr epps, he is a wonderul actor
    I can remember the first time i fell in love with him. he played in juice. his eyes are so beautiful. Then he played in blachstreet video before i let you go. My mom use to cut out every magazine clippings she could find of him and give them to me. I like him as an actor because he very versatile I give him a 10 omarr keep up the good work casue I'm looking foward to see more projects from you. one of my favorites was the moss squad that was a very funny movie. and I thought he was good in scream 2 also see the man got much talent playing a thug in juice, a cop in the movie in to deep, a scary movie, the list goes on and on. baby keep doing what you do
  • good actor

    I really like this guy, first noticed him on Er, and then followed some Movies he was in, Now I really like him in House, he is talented, good looking, and a good actor, glad to see him every week and would like to catch more of his MOvie Roles
  • Fine, Fine, Fine. OmarEpps is one of THE most attractive men on TV and in the box office. Would like to see him starring in more films. His acting skills are also great!!

    Looks a bit heavier in house but still gorgeous. Would like to see him playing a more pivotal role but will take anything I can get. It's a shame that he isn't any new films that are out at the moment. With a smile liek that he deserves to be big. The fact that he's a family man doesn't reduce his attractiveness at all, good to know there are good black men out there. Hope we see more of him!!
  • LOVE the show and every character...but seriously...Eric Foreman?!? What\'s with the name recycling?

    LOVE the show and every character...but seriously...Eric Foreman?!? What\'s with the name recycling? I think Omar Epps does a great job on the show...although his isn\'t really a \'spotlight\' role...his character is too nice to be memorable. He generally rolls with the punches...occasionally standing up for himself. He hasn\'t been written enough GREAT scenes to prove the talent of Omar Epps, or the dimensions of Eric Foreman. Which makes one wonder whether the character and the name are both generic?!?
  • He's not so great.

    He's not a great actor, I really don't care for him much. That's all I want to write. I'd rather not write anything at all, but my cousin thought it would be funny to submit a naughty review for this actor, and she did. I'd rather retract my review entirely but I'm not sure how.