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  • Very talented actor and great character!

    I was disappointed by how few reviews there are for this actor/character. Omar Epps is a VERY talented actor! You feel every nuance. His character allows him to express an incredible range of emotions and personality traits. This actor really brings depth to his character. It doesn't hurt that he's a very fine looking man, too.

    The character, Dr. Foreman, is really terrific. He's the most mature character in the show. You get a tremendous feel for his struggles against his own prejudices. He's not an overly-emotional wet-noodle like Cameron and not an amoral wimp like Chase. This character knows what he believes and knows how to deal with reality. I believe he clearly sees other people's strengths and weaknesses - except where his personal biases are involved. You may think that this is the case with all people. If so, you are mistaken. This character questions everything and everyone. That is the basis for critical thinking. When he fails to question some assumption, you know that the story is hitting one of his personal biases. Chase and Cameron too often react childishly and have blind trust in others - especially House (in Season 1). I would have emphasized the fact that Foreman's article was so different from Cameron's, that she could have still published hers if she weren't such a whiny, childish character. Life is not going to crush a character like Foreman.