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  • Talented and interesting actor.

    I think Omid is such an interesting actor, from his role in Sleeper Cell to his lighter performance in Ghost Whisperer. He has a great deal of depth to him, and his choices are very interesting. We get to see him in so many different lights, from serious to comedic. In Ghost Whisperer, he plays Justin, the college blogger with depth that adds a lot to the show. He renders the performance with a range of tones; he has been both comedic and dramatic, and occasionally a bit creepy and threatening, in his own way. I can't wait to see more of him!
  • Omid's portrayal of Salim has been a hit in every episode, and is deserving of alot more parts in television than he currently has.

    He has never been anything but impressive, and its sad that most people have never even heard of Omid Abtahi. Showtime made a steal with finding this guy, and letting him shine in Sleeper Cell, where he has done so in nearly every way. Hopefully it will lead to a larger future where he can get a regular on a network show, so he can get recognize. But until then keep an eye on Omid, because big things will come from him. I may be a harsh reviewer compared to some, but I believe that overall this actor has been amazing.
  • Actor is Perfect for the Character

    He's perfect in this role as are most of the other cast members. The only other actor i can think to compare with him is the actor who played the Afghan tankcrew member in \"The Beast" (1990?). It was a good choice to cast an Arab american in this show for cultural perspective if nothing else.