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  • ;(aww

    you guys One Direction rocks i dont you why you guys think they are bad I love One Direction
  • They are an okay band.

    I think that One Direction is overrated, but I do not think that they are terrible. I will admit that I do like their songs, "You Don't Know You're Beautiful," "Story of My Life," and "Kiss I am not crazy about One Direction, therefore I don't squeal over them like other teen and tween girls may do. One Direction is not wonderful, but it isn't bad either, so I am going to give them a fair rating.
  • It's official, Music is dead now!

    *Sigh*, remember those days where we had great musicians like The Beatles, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Green Day, all those great bands? Well now, we get all this overrated crappy dumb pop bands especially ones like *cough*cough*Jonas Brothers*cough*cough*Justin Beiber*cough*cough Miley*cough* Cyrus*cough*. Not to mention all the girls out there are psycho over those losers.

    And just when I thought modern music couldn't get any worse... It is now with One Direction.

    First of all, these guys can't sing, like @MetalCake25 said, they're too generic, and there's nothing natural about them, they lip sync and their songs are really cheesy, I honestly don't know what else to say... their music makes my ears bleed and I would rather jam an ice pick into both my ears and no longer hear than listen to their music ever again (even though they're everywhere now so its hard to forget those b*tches even existed).

    Second of all, THEY'RE EVERYWHERE! Everywhere I look (especially at malls) I see these b*tches hanging around on phone cases, t-shirts, CDs, and I would never wanna waste my money on all that one direction sh*t! Not to mention they recently got a movie! Seriously!?! Do we NEED a movie about the most overrated yet worst band of all time!?! First Justin Beiber (More like Justin Pooper) got a movie, now One Direction!?! I guess I can also agree with what Steven Spielberg about the fact that movies are dead nowadays too.

    Lastly, out of all the flaws I have with this rubbish boy band, here comes the biggest one: THE FANS!!! Oh My God! I cannot believe I'm even mentioning this! Those bratty snobbish annoying fangirls always say "These guys are sooo cute", "I love their british accents", "I hope I get tickets to their concerts!" Blah Blah Blah... There is nothing cute about them, not just since I'm a boy, but all 5 boys of the One Direction band are ugly, and there's nothing special about their british accents. And who'd wanna WASTE MONEY ON A CONCERT TO THE WORST BAND OF ALL TIME!!?!? Sorry if I'm overreacting, I just hate these guys so much! And I get upset and angered whenever I see a directioner not respecting our opinions and saying that us One Direction haters are losers. Maybe they're losers for not respecting our opinions and making such a big deal over such a horrible and overrated band. Its fine if you like these guys, but if those whiny little fangirls keep making such a big deal over them and not respecting our opinions then that's what gets on my nerves!

    Overall, One Direction has got to be the worst band of all time (Along with Kidz Bop, another overrated band) they're the main reason why music sucks nowadays. I miss all the old days where Kids were on their iPods less and also where people didn't make such a big deal over news and where everything was just perfect (Well not everything is perfect of course). If you want to listen to an excellent boy band, listen to The Beatles, now that band rocks. Plus it's a shame we don't get as great musicians like The Beatles anymore. :(
  • Absolutely terrible.

    *Sigh*. One Direction. Another crappy boy band that only exists to be my personal musical bane. Can someone please tell me HOW the music industry is allowed to keep producing horrible bands like this? I mean, there is so much wrong with this band that a lot of people (AKA the fans) don't seem to get. Let me count the reasons.
    1) They're generic. This isn't the first time a band like this was formed, and it certainly won't be the last. I've seen this "boy band" shtick happen so many times that it's almost become a standard. It's played out at this point, and their songs certainly don't help their case either.
    2) Their music is below average. I already mentioned how their songs are generic, but really, it bears repeating. All you need to do is compare a One Direction song to a song from, say, "Nsync" and try to spot the differences. Seriously, try to find ANY differences in their styles. In terms of things unrelated to that, well, they're not exactly great singers. And I swear that it's not their natural voices, either. The lyrics are cheesy love songs that revolve around telling girls that they're "beautiful" and "special". So, in other words, nothing really exciting or deep. The instrumentation is terrible as well.
    3) They're CONSTANTLY being SHOVED down our THROATS. No matter where I look I always see these guys and it pisses me off. What is so special about them? What have they honestly done that sets them apart from everyone else? It's one thing to casually promote something here and there, but I literally see these guys all the time. They've even had TV SPECIALS. It's honestly irritating.
    4) I know it's not exactly a part of One Direction itself, but the fans. My god, the fans. These guys are absolutely dreadful. They really make me sad sometimes. They like to say that One Direction is "perfect". Well, here's a reality check. One, nothing is absolutely perfect. Two, if these guys are perfect then I'd hate to see what's abysmal. They also cannot accept the fact that people hate this band and for good reasons, nor are they able to keep their attitudes to a bearable level. If you need a bad example of a fandom, here you go.
    5) They're being pushed as the "next" Beatles. Never should those words be used together in the same sentence. Period.

    I could probably list a few more reasons, but I've already talked up a storm. In conclusion, this band is nothing new..... but that doesn't change the fact that it's still unpleasant.
  • One Direction

    1D isn't my favorite one but they have good music, and they are very sweet guys and I love British accents. I like Harry Styles the best, also.
  • They are funny, charming, sweet, caring and crazy. They're beautiful in every way and are perfect.


    They're down to earth, normal guys that you'd go to school with. They're sweet and charming and actually DO care about their fans. They appreciate everything fans do for them, and care and make sure fans know how much they love them. They're all dead hot ;) But besides their hotness, they all have a beautiful heart. They are all funny and sweet and if you watch their videos, you'd know they're always up for a laugh and never rude or boring. They're cheeky and their voices are amazing. Seriously hear them and you'll fall in love. I've been a fan from they very beginning at X factor, and love them more everyday. I don't really see why you wouldn't like them? :)