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OneRepublic is a band that consists of 5 males. The lead singer is Ryan Tedder he also plays the guitar and piano. Zach Filkins does vocals and guitar. Eddie Fisher is percussion and drums. Brent Kutzle is bass guitar, cello, and vocals. Drew Brown is on guitar.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Ryan helped co-write the song "Gypsy Woman" off of Hilary Duff's album 'Dignity'. He wrote it with Hilary and her sister Haylie.

    • Ryan sang two hours a day, every day until he turned eighteen.

    • Ryan lost a scholarship because he would skip classes to write songs.

    • At one time, Ryan Tedder wrote and produced songs for rapper Bubba Sparxxx.

    • The lead singer of OneRepublic, Ryan, is the producer and co-writer of Leona Lewis' song Bleeding Love.

    • Ryan learned to play the piano by ear at age 3. Along with the piano, he plays guitar, drums, bass, and clarinet.

    • As a kid, the only non-Christian music Ryan listened to was music by The Beach Boys.

    • The band is influenced by all genres of music rather than one particular genre.

    • Drummer Eddie Fisher wasn't into the drums until he saw a U2 concert when he was in the seventh grade.

    • Their song "Apologize" is heard in the background on many shows, but when the group performs live, they usually sing one of their lesser known songs.

    • Their first single 'Apologize' is featured on their CD "Dreaming Out Loud" but it is also featured on singer/producer Timbaland's album "Shock Value" but it is the remixed form.

    • The most common mistake people make is when they call the "One Republic" with a space in between. But it really is just one word.

    • Their first album is entitled "Dreaming Out Loud".

  • Quotes

    • Ryan: I could have just written songs and lived a carefree life, but I knew that I had to be an artist. I wanted to form a rock band and create my own sound.

    • Ryan: The songs touch on things like despair, lack of hope, and frustration. They have to do with my own journey; they're about times when I've felt stuck-that I'll never achieve my goals. But ultimately, in the songs, I resolve it by seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and realizing that no matter how bad things get, there's always a way out.

    • Ryan Tedder: You go to a U2 concert and it's like church, I'd love to make people feel like that. I don't want someone to just say, 'Oh, nice voice, nice song.' I want that person to walk away and feel like he or she has had a religious experience; we want them to feel moved.

    • Ryan Tedder: If I'm not getting goosebumps when I write the chorus, then others aren't going to either. I want that 'hair standing on end' feeling. They may have simple melodies but our songs are about real life. It's complexity wearing the mask of simplicity.

    • Ryan Tedder: The toughest thing to do is write a hit song and the easiest thing to do is act like a rock band.