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  • To into herself now.

    Does good things with her money but she gets on my last nerve.
  • Oprah Winfrey may in fact be the most overrated person ever, despite all her good "deeds"

    Before all you Oprah fans jump down my throat and barrage me, just here me out. I do appreciate all the good things that she has done such as opening up that girl's school in Africa and all, but that doesn't mean she is a hero to everyone. Oprah just does things for the publicity and she just wants attention. For example, in France she disguised herself and went into a clothing store and was barred because she didn't look rich and the clerk thought she was a robber. So what does Oprah do? Pull out the race card and demands an apology and make people believe she was mistreated. Oprah was disguised at the time, so of course the clerk will treat her differently. He has no idea that was Oprah at all, and she had no right to go overboard at all. Oprah also treats guests that are traumatized bad as well. The one out of three episodes I saw of her show on TV was about a woman who killed her baby. The woman felt very sorry and you could actually feel the sorrow she felt and the pain she feels. So what does Oprah do? She barrages her and scolds her and does absolutely nothing at all to make her feel better and makes her feel even worse. The other two episodes I saw were no better and Oprah did the same thing, make the people feel bad and do nothing to help them and make them feel worse. How is she helping people at all? She just scolds them and makes people feel worse, that is not helpful at all. Oprah may have done her good "deeds" here and there but honestly, she will do anything for publicity and does not help people at all. I am glad her show is ending and hopefully she will stay out of the public and fade away in obscurity. I apologize to all you fans of Oprah but she is just an overrated person who doesn't deserve to be as famous as she is made out to be.
  • seriously uninteresting

    oprah winfrey is perhaps one of the most uninteresting talk shows in the history of the human race. there are a lot of really bad shows out there, and oprah winfrey ranks number 1 on that list. life is unfair, good shows get cancelled and bad shows keep going. and oprah is of those bad shows. oprah is just so uninteresting, there's nothing with her that's so cool. it's all trash. it goes on and on. why do the networks cancel good shows and keep the bad ones on. it's so illogical. but i guess that's a fact of life, there's the good and there's the bad even if it's as bad as oprah.
  • one of the most powerful women if the most powerful in america and the richest women

    oprah has come along way from living down south to having a huge tv show that has been around for two decades and is a huge hit that has millions of viewers. and has made over 2 billion dollars. she has lost weight gained it all back and lost weight again. and has helped lots of people and has changed lives. i repect her as a person for doing that even though her show is going off the air in 2011 it was a good run for her and she will continue to do wonderful things for people. so that is why i rated a 8.
  • hey hey

    o m g i like just totaly love love love oprah she is like a the best...at times her show is kinda disturbing but like at other times she is just one of those that inspires you to be a better person i do not think that she should ever stop her shows...i like the oprahs big give every year during christmas...she doesnt spend mony on like stupid stuff she gives it away to that people who need it and that is what a true person is...love love love ya and i think that oprah wll always be sharing btw thats caring
  • Ho Hum!

    Its over. Enough is enough already! I think Oprah has outlived her moment. And that is not to say she wasn't legitimately influential in her day, but somehow I just don't care what she thinks or has to say anymore; nor do I care for the presentation of the show any more. So I quit watching.
    I think her forte now is/should be, behind the scenes. She has already proven herself a king-maker, and some smart network should tap into that on an ongoing basis, but far from the public eye.
    Two other "Oprah" things I don't want to see?:
    1) any more of her lifestyle.
    2) Oprah in politics! :o{
  • Oprah was good for a while, but now she's lost her mind!

    I used to absolutely love Oprah. My friends and I in college planned our schedules each semester so that we could be in the dorm to watch Oprah every day at 4:00 pm. I don't know when she took a nosedive for me, but one day I she just started sounding like a harpie with a god complex. I know that she helps people, but she only helps them for the ratings. I'd be able to admire her if she spent her own money to fund the Angels Network or her Favorite Things show, but it makes my skin crawl that she asks people who can barely pay their bills to fund her Angels Network projects! Advertisers pay for her Favorite Things for all the guests so even that isn't amazing. She's is a position to break down so many barriers, but she's only in it for the star power and celebrity. I wish the old Oprah would come back. I miss her.
  • Oprah is a hero.

    Oprah is one of the worlds most influential people and good for her. She has done so much good work in her life for the less fortunate people. Oprah had a difficult childhood but she overcame that and now she helps so many people that went through similar things to her. She uses her money for good but the only thing i don't like about her is she always makes dieting such a big issue. A young teenage girl sitting at home doesn't want to hear about a miracle diet. Anyway good work Oprah and i have to say you are an inspiration to many!!
  • Talk Show Host, Producer, Leader and Donater!

    I have watched Oprah for many years. I feel that as I get older i gain an appreciation for what Oprah does. Many people critize her for her beliefs, her "power", her charitable donations but I think that what she does to help everyone is amazing. Watching her specials have always moved me. Christmas Kindness made me want to be a better human being, Oprah's leadership camp made me want to donate. She has opened up something within me that makes me want to be a better person. Many celebrities take their money and power and use it to better themselves but i believe Oprah uses it to better those people around her. When watching the children of parents with Aids light up over a pair of shoes, or the girls light up over new books and a bed to sleep on, it just shows you how one person can change the world. You can hate her for whatever reasons but you can not deny that she has helped the people in South Africa in ways never imaginable without her.
  • She is just amazing!

    She can speak very well. I love her talk shows. The other show was Tyra Banks show but it is not as good as Oprah's show. I happen to come across this fabulous show when I was changing channels one day when I was bored. She knows how to talk to people and she never touches on sensitive issues. She has taken celebrities up for them to speak and entertains us with only talking and more talking. It is amazing at how she talks but you never get sick of it because it isn't boring. I guess the reason behind that is that she does not touch really on the dry stuff. She touches on big issues in which people are facing problems with.
  • An all-time great LEGEND.

    Oprah Winfrey is the host of one of the best talkshows ever. She as a person is very kind hearted and generous, her looks needs no description as it is good as it can possibly be. She is one of the best speakers ever, can outclass the presidents with the kind of confidence she has and the weight she puts in her argument. She is a very intelligent person and smart too. The proof of her generosity is her charity organization (Angel Network), and its the faith people have in her that they donate millions of $s. She is very well-known and popular not only in the US but worlwide and the proof of it is the fact,in the year 2006 in Forbes,she is rated as #3 in the top celebrities list. A great human being is what Oprah Winfrey is. She is a living legend and we look forward to more of her. Long-live Oprah Winfrey.
  • Completely devoid of any talent, but manipulative and capitalistic.

    Can't believe so many fans think she's talented, but then again Oprah fans are on another world different from regular tv fans. Oprah Winfrey is not really a good example for black people or a woman in general. She's full of herself, often does things just to get noticed (and not really for the pure of heart), other times she's just downright deceitful and manipulative. For example, last week, she had a guest her name was Jessica something who killed her baby. That wasn't the appaling part, the appaling part was the way she was playing herself as judge, jury and executioner. She was passing all sorts of judgement on this girl who was clearly sorry, yet she was berating her in all ways possible. Then as you looked at the show, you realize Oprah removed the audience, probably so nobody would boo her ugly butt and see what kind of a ratings ,tabloid grabbing piece of trash she really is.

    That kinda exemplifies her right there. She does charity , blah, blah, but don't be fooled, she also has this selfish, capitalistic personality that she keeps well hidden but unlike Dr. Phil can't keep it as well hidden. She's not even as talented as Phil to begin with.
  • An amazing woman changing the world!

    This is one of the most amazing women in television! I think she is a true angel sent from God! The way she helps people, the way she does not judge and is open to all answers that her guest give her! I think she is a legend in her own time and she is 1 of the all-time greats...ever!! She definetly holds a candle n my book! I love watching her show! I have always to go an be an audience member! 4ever now! One day I will get to! Until then I will stay true and be a loyal oprah fan! 4ever!! Oprah U ROCK!!!! ***** 5 stars baby!!!
  • Full of herself but I love everything she has in her empire.

    Oh come on! You know she just loooovvvesss herself. She's obnoxious. Whenever someone comes out she goes like: Tooommmm CRUISE!!!!!!!! and with the favouritye things she is jsut flattering herself. "You get a car you get a car YOUR'E ALL GETTING A CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!" gimme a break she didn't even pay for them it was by Toyota. But I love her show, the magazines and the book club. That's why i gave her that grade. What she looses in vainness she definitly gains with her enorumous empire. I watch the show often. I thumb threw the mag whenever I have the time and I definitly read the book club. In close there's no lying she loves herself and will let you know how great she is but her empire is full of wonderful things.
  • I feel that Oprah is one of the all-time greats because of her giving nature. She thinks nothing of buying a house and car for a needy family, donating her money, etc. but most of all she gives of herself.

    I was in awe when I found out that Oprah was sending her production crew and their families to Maui for a one week all expense paid vacation. She chartered 5 planes and had catered food on board. She paid for all the rooms and meals and transportation. She also paid for all of the activities that they wanted to partake in. This is a once in a lifetime trip for many of her employees, how many bosses do you know of that went to such extremes to show their employees how much they are appreciated? The best part of this whole trip, is that Oprah was there with her employees for the entire week. She not only gave of her money, but she gave these people the most important thing of all, she gave them her time. What a truly marvelous woman.
  • Well Respected

    I don't really like her show much, but this is a review of Oprah herself and I have a massive amout of respect for her!

    Its no surprise that this woman is one of the most popular people in the US. She does so much for people in need - not only in her own country but also abroad.

    The major problem I have with this show is whem she has celebrities on it. I know she has a nicey nice image she as to keep up, but she could put a little more pressure on who shes interviewing. Instead of saying to Jennifer Anniston "I love your shoes girlfriend" you could talk about her struggling marriage!

    But when you think about what shes been through to get to where she is you have to respect that!
  • Oprah Winfrey is a wonderful person. She always helps a lot of people in need.

    Oprah Winfrey is an amazing person. She always donates her own money to charity.

    I love her TV show "The Oprah Winfrey Show". In one episode she gave everyone in the audience a new car. The other wonderful thing that she did was that she gave away a $1000,000 wedding. The best thing on her show would be "Dreams Come True" bus because thats when she makes peoples dreams come true.

    Oprah is an amazing and a good-hearted person that i absolutely adore.

  • I LOVE OPRAH! She is a fantansitic speaker, person and business woman. Not only has she inspired millions of women and Africans she\\\'s also helped millions either in bettering themselves or by fixing their problems. Whether you\\\'re a celebrity or and

    I LOVE OPRAH! She is a fantansitic speaker, person and business woman. Not only has she inspired millions of women and Africans she\\\'s also helped millions either in bettering themselves or by fixing their problems. Whether you\\\'re a celebrity or and average person Oprah seems very open and genuine.
    I watch her show whenever I can, and she makes every topic from cheating husbands to cake toppings interesting! Oprah is a person everyone can look up to and admire, and I\\\'m glad that she is because she is the PERFECT example on how a person should be. She teaches you to live your llive a 100% no matter what complications you have on the way, she also intelligent and funny.
  • Definitely an all-time great

    Oprah Winfrey is an American icon living the American dream. She rose out of poverty to become one of the most influential people in America who has a huge following and fan base. She is one of the most successful women in America, having started her own magazine, book club and not to mention a top rated TV show seen by millions of viewers everday.

    Oprah has the ability to reach out to her viewers. Because of her past, Oprah can relate to her guests and truly knows what they go through. She can get down to the raw emotions of the guests and their stories and portray those emotions to the studio audience and the national TV audience. She is very open and will talk about everything with her audience or guests, no matter how touchy the topic.

    Oprah is also a very influential person. When she said she wouldn't eat beef during the Mad Cow scare, millions of people didn't eat meat along with her. If she says she loves an author or a book, it instantly becomes a best seller because everyone wants to see why Oprah likes it so much.

    Besides being a great TV host, Oprah is a great actress that has been in several movies. Her role in The Color Purple was my favorite because she was so good in that role and seemed so natural like she wasn't even acting.

    There are a million more things that make Oprah a great person but this review could go on forever. Oprah is a great person and an American icon and will continue to be for many years.
  • An original.

    Oprah is one of few who inspires me. She arose from a humble background, and fought hard to get where she is at right now. That is an incredible feat. I find that Oprah Winfrey is strong, hardworking, and very giving. She gives from the heart. Quite a genuine person.