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  • Oprah Winfrey may in fact be the most overrated person ever, despite all her good "deeds"

    Before all you Oprah fans jump down my throat and barrage me, just here me out. I do appreciate all the good things that she has done such as opening up that girl's school in Africa and all, but that doesn't mean she is a hero to everyone. Oprah just does things for the publicity and she just wants attention. For example, in France she disguised herself and went into a clothing store and was barred because she didn't look rich and the clerk thought she was a robber. So what does Oprah do? Pull out the race card and demands an apology and make people believe she was mistreated. Oprah was disguised at the time, so of course the clerk will treat her differently. He has no idea that was Oprah at all, and she had no right to go overboard at all. Oprah also treats guests that are traumatized bad as well. The one out of three episodes I saw of her show on TV was about a woman who killed her baby. The woman felt very sorry and you could actually feel the sorrow she felt and the pain she feels. So what does Oprah do? She barrages her and scolds her and does absolutely nothing at all to make her feel better and makes her feel even worse. The other two episodes I saw were no better and Oprah did the same thing, make the people feel bad and do nothing to help them and make them feel worse. How is she helping people at all? She just scolds them and makes people feel worse, that is not helpful at all. Oprah may have done her good "deeds" here and there but honestly, she will do anything for publicity and does not help people at all. I am glad her show is ending and hopefully she will stay out of the public and fade away in obscurity. I apologize to all you fans of Oprah but she is just an overrated person who doesn't deserve to be as famous as she is made out to be.