Orlando Brown

Orlando Brown


12/4/1987, Los Angeles, California

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Orlando Brown


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Orlando Brown stars as Eddie Thomas, a teenage boy who can always be counted on to help his best friend Raven out of a jam - and sometimes causes a few of his own - in the Disney Channel original comedy series "That's So Raven." A native of…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • An actor.

    Say what, say hoo-hoo! If you might know him from That's So Raven (one of my favo - rite - shows) then you might know him as Orlando Brown. He's funny, he's go character, and he's got much more. I personally think he should get his own show, somewhere (where he) takes the spotlight. It was really great to see him control the future powers in the episode where becomes physic for a day or was it more than a day. Well peace out, Halo. This is my review for Orlando Brown from TSR (That's So Raven) Peace out. The show is ended.moreless
  • This dude can act his butt off.

    Okay so i remember when i was young seeing him on every little show i can think of and some commericals too. He can dance and sing a little bit and defintiely act. He does a lot of voices on tv cartoons especially on disney channel shows. He did the voice of Sticky on The Proud Family. Also did the Voice of filmore on the show filmore. Haven't seen him in movies yet but probably will in the future. He did get a little bit heavy but is still cute. All in all Orlando Brown is very charming to me.moreless