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  • An actor.

    Say what, say hoo-hoo! If you might know him from That's So Raven (one of my favo - rite - shows) then you might know him as Orlando Brown. He's funny, he's go character, and he's got much more. I personally think he should get his own show, somewhere (where he) takes the spotlight. It was really great to see him control the future powers in the episode where becomes physic for a day or was it more than a day. Well peace out, Halo. This is my review for Orlando Brown from TSR (That's So Raven) Peace out. The show is ended.
  • This dude can act his butt off.

    Okay so i remember when i was young seeing him on every little show i can think of and some commericals too. He can dance and sing a little bit and defintiely act. He does a lot of voices on tv cartoons especially on disney channel shows. He did the voice of Sticky on The Proud Family. Also did the Voice of filmore on the show filmore. Haven't seen him in movies yet but probably will in the future. He did get a little bit heavy but is still cute. All in all Orlando Brown is very charming to me.
  • Orlando is the best!

    orlando!!! Wt a sood job he has done in Raven. He is so funny n his acting always makes me laugh. Raven is one of my best shows on TV. Raven is owesome but orlando also put his best efforts in making this thes the best. Not only me but my friends also like raven just bcoz raven and orlando is there in this show . He makes this show too much entertaining that insist me n my friends to watch this show. He is really too much funny. He has got one of the best characters in this show just becoz of his best acting. Go orlando Go!!!
  • Orlando is Great!!

    Orlando Brown was born on December 4, 1987 in California. He is best known for his role in That's So Raven playing Eddie Thomas. He is really funny in that show. He makes me laugh a lot. He does great playing his character. Although he is my least favorite of Raven's friends, he is still good. He was also in Family Matters in Seasons 8-9 playing 3J. He was in the Disney Channel Original Series The Proud Family, which is now canceled. He played Sticky Webb. He also guest starred in Sister, Sister, Lizzie McGuire, and Phil of the Future.
  • Orlando Brown is definately "The Real Deal!"

    I think Orlando Brown is simply fantastic. He is a superb actor and he is very funny and comedic. He can rap wonderfully. I love all his roles such as Eddie from That's So Raven, Fillmore from Fillmore, Sticky from The Proud Family and the guy from the Disney Channel Original Movie, Eddie's Million Dollar Cook Off. He is also quite handsome and he is a great role model for teenaged boys. Like I said in my summary, Orlando is definately "The Real Deal!" Everyone should be glad to have him on our television and cinema screens. You rock Orlando!
  • Go Orlando Go!!!!

    Oh my God, Orlando is so funny and talented, he has proven himself over and over again to be excellent in what he does. From \"Family Matters\", to \"Major Paine\" to \"It\'s so Raven\", I am thrilled at the sight of his ability. Instead of Kyle Masey, he should received his big break by receiving his own show. I can truly see him in a colleg or high school show. I would however, also like to see a serious sight of him. I am not sure if he is into drama, but would like to see if he can pull it off!
  • Orlando Brown was born on December 4, 1987 in California. He played Eddie Thomas on That's So Raven.

    Orlando Brown is a great actor. He plays his roles very well. I have recognized him on "Sister, Sister" when he was only, like, 10 or something, and he did great. He is also on the hit Disney show "That's So Raven" and I LOVE him on that show. He is really funny on That's So Raven.

    Also, he is KIND OF cute. I mean, there's this one clip of him on TSR when he looks really cute. But he's still only SORTA cute, so yeahh. . .

    Anyways, to wrap it up, Orlando Brown is a really great actor.
  • A very talented actor.

    Orlando Brown is a very good actor. I have seen him in That\'s so Raven, Fillmore, and Eddie\'s million dollar cookoff. Orlando was really funny, in eddie\'s million dollar cookoff, he played a teenager in school and backstop for the baseball. In Fillmore, he used his voice to voice the main charcter Fillmore. In that\'s so Raven he played the very cool Eddie thomas. A basketball and rapper. Speaking of Rapper, Orlando is a really good rapper. He raps the theme song and constanly raps in episodes. Orlando was also in phil of the future, he showed us his evil and mioscivious side.
  • Good actor, since Family Matter as 3J.

    He has gained more attention on That's So Raven. I like the part when he said "Ca-Ca Ching" on Sister, Sister. I can't wait to see Season 4 of Thats so Raven. By the way does anyone know when they will show season 4 of That's So Raven? They need to hurry up. We should ask for a season 5, too.
  • Absolutley wonderful! Hes very versatile and I really enjoy watching him. Definatly see alot of success there.

    Absolutley wonderful! Hes very versatile and I really enjoy watching him. Definatly see alot of success there. Plus he shows so much carisma and enthusiasm, he loves his job. Never met him in person, but I can already tell hes very sweet and humble and I would do almost anything to meet him one day. And if I don't, I'll keep giving him support the best I can. I would really love to see more of him after TSR.
  • He is so handsome!!!

    He's great!!!!
    I mean, he acts very well, dances professionally, sings nicely and still maintains a cute face!!!
    Um... um... Well, I haven't exactly met him but I think he's a nice guy in person as I observed in some of the interviews on Disney Channel.
    I'm just wondering: why does almost every star I like in Disney Channel all live in Los Angeles? Why can't they just live here, next door to me, in the Philippines? Wouldn't that be nice?
    I wonder why.
    Anyway, I like his hairstyles, too. Their all very funky and original and unique (original). Unlike me of course. The end...
  • orlando brown is a great actor,plus he is super cute, he reminds me of my boy friend!!!!!!

    orlando brown is a great actor,plus he is super cute, he reminds me of my boy friend!!!!!! he's cute and a great actor what more do u want? i think ive seen him in so many things... movies and televison shows......he's basicl done it all, hasn't he. he sure is one lucky guy.
  • He is so ummm....Ion kno. He look so good. He's a very great actor, and so much more. I met him and he was so cool to talk to. He kept givin me hugs. It was so crazy and fun. But overall he's a cool person and he's very cute.

    Alot of people probably didn't kno how many appearances he made in different things. I know almost all of them, and all his voice overs. He is very smart, and very funny in person. He told me Family Matters was his least favorite show to play on because the charcter was not even close to him. Overall he's cool.
  • Orlando is a cool guy

    Orlando Brown is a very good actor. He is always been the funniest to me in that's so raven. And he also can rap a bit. I remeber the musical episode of that's so raven when eddie was rapping. the beat was on point and his lines were nice. I think they need to give him his own show. This guy should be getting way more atteinton then he has now.
  • Very good actor!

    Orlando Brown is a very talented actor and rapper. He is very good at playing Eddie in "Thats so Raven." His role in That's so Raven is like Raven and Chelsea. Clueless sometimes and smart at other times! He is funny in Thats so raven. He also does a good as Sticky in The Proud family!
  • This guy is great!

    I think hes agreat actor. I also think hes cute...sometimes only when he makes certain faces he doesnt. But I still think hes great especially in That's so Raven I love him. I guess you can say hes a personal favorite of mine. I dont know what else to say.
  • cool person

    Orlando\'s a unique, laid back person who doesn\'t try to imitate other actors, it makes him cool. He bring a engergetic boost to the that\'s so raven show. He needs to be in a sitcom of his own or his own movie. Keep up the good morning little man! :)
  • ~~~!!!!!OrLaNdO!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~

    This guy is great. I think him & Raven on That's So Raven would make a REALLY cute couple. Once again, I repeat, This guy is great. I think him & Raven on That's So Raven would make a REALLY cute couple. Dont you think?? I sure do, like in the last eppy.
  • Orlando Brown: The Best Actor Ever :-* :-)

    Orlando Brown is my personal favorite actor. I have seen all of the movies and tv shows that he has ever been in. I am the ultimate fan and I would love to meet him one day. It's just a shame that I can't get to Cali to meet him. It would definetly be my pleasure. He is so fine and the BEST actor ever!!!!!!!!
  • Orlando=amazing

    Orlando Brown is so great...he is soo beautiful and a great actor! And his music is great too
    hes my personal favorite actor
    i would do anything to meet him
    he is the hottest guy that ive ever seen on TV!
    I love that's so raven
    Raven is so funny i watch it everytime its on
  • I love OrLaNdO!

    Orlando has so much talent! Not only acting, but have you heard him rap? he is off the chain for real! He is so funny and such a real person. I love watching that's so raven because he just adds something to "Eddie" that no one else could have done. I love OrLaNdO!
  • Orlando Brown is a great actor, I've seen him on Raven and other movies and I think he's wonderful. Hopefully I can meet him one day and work with him and the rest of the Raven cast one day. I love the show and I'm hooked. Ya'll make my day.

    Hi my name is Jenny Moreno, I love Orlando brown. He is such a talented guy that I never get tired of him. I can watch \"Thats so Raven\" millions of times and his comedy just adds spunk to the show along with Raven and Chelsey. Orlando xoxoxoxoxox Muahh Luv