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  • Oscar Isaac is one of my favorite actors, and I hope to see him come into the public eye in the next couple of years. His largest role to date has been Joseph in The Nativity Story. I wish him the best with his career.moreless

    I first saw Oscar Isaac in Two Gentlemen of Verona, a Shakespeare in the Park production. The night was truly magical. The energy he brought to the performance was so powerful that I had to see it a second time. Not only was he charismatic and charming, when the character betrayed his best friend he became malicious and cruel as well. The change was seamless.

    Not only did Isaac act with skill, he also sang with skill. Being cast alongside Norm Lewis, a strong baritone, would be intimidating to say the least, but he rose to the challenge and sang with skill and with power. This summer I had the privelage to see Isaac once again in Romeo and Juliet, another Shakespeare in the Park production. I was impressed once again and found myself inspired to see the play twice. Isaac's ability to make the audience laugh and then cry is truly remarkable. I think soon Oscar Isaac's talent will be recognized on a wider scale, having played the part of Joseph in The Nativity Story. I can only hope that Isaac will continue to impress in his two upcoming movies, "In Bloom" (2007) and "Guerilla"(2008).moreless