Oscar Lusth

Oscar Lusth


8/23/1981, Guanajuato, Guanahuato, Mexico

Birth Name

Oscar Lusth



Also Known As

Ozzy Lusth
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Trivia and Quotes

  • Ozzy Rocks!!

    I love Ozzy, he is so great in the challenges and man the guy can swim! He is so talented, how did he get sos use to climbing trees?!?!

    As for Ozzy in Survivor Fans vs Faves.. He totally should of WON!! But he was so funny when he was talking to Parvati at the end when it was the jurys turn to talk. And he was so cute saying that he was falling in love with Amanda. I hope they last!

    Not only is he they BEST Survivor EVER, he's gorgeous and suh a hunny, sweet and so funny too. He is my favourite one out of all 16 seasons and no one will be better than Ozzy! Ozzy Rules!!!moreless
  • Hottest Survivor to date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OMG!!!!! He has to be the most gorgeous survivor to date on the show!!!!!!!!! I so hope that he wins!! He is the only reason that i wanted the Aitu tribe to win in the beginning, and also, compared with the other tribes, i thought his was the best. I absolutly fell in love with his hair, it is so awesome!!!!! I just have this hair fetish, so thats what i love the most so far. This is why though i really love how they always have survivor in tropical locations, no shirts!!!EVER!!!!!!^-^!!!!!! I was really shocked when i found out he was a porn star though, that kinda scared me and slightly tarnished his image in my mind, but his hair and gorgeous-ness kinda helps to balence it out. GO OZZY!!!moreless