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  • Ozzy Rocks!!

    I love Ozzy, he is so great in the challenges and man the guy can swim! He is so talented, how did he get sos use to climbing trees?!?!

    As for Ozzy in Survivor Fans vs Faves.. He totally should of WON!! But he was so funny when he was talking to Parvati at the end when it was the jurys turn to talk. And he was so cute saying that he was falling in love with Amanda. I hope they last!

    Not only is he they BEST Survivor EVER, he's gorgeous and suh a hunny, sweet and so funny too. He is my favourite one out of all 16 seasons and no one will be better than Ozzy! Ozzy Rules!!!
  • Hottest Survivor to date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OMG!!!!! He has to be the most gorgeous survivor to date on the show!!!!!!!!! I so hope that he wins!! He is the only reason that i wanted the Aitu tribe to win in the beginning, and also, compared with the other tribes, i thought his was the best. I absolutly fell in love with his hair, it is so awesome!!!!! I just have this hair fetish, so thats what i love the most so far. This is why though i really love how they always have survivor in tropical locations, no shirts!!!EVER!!!!!!^-^!!!!!! I was really shocked when i found out he was a porn star though, that kinda scared me and slightly tarnished his image in my mind, but his hair and gorgeous-ness kinda helps to balence it out. GO OZZY!!!
  • This boy is like Tarzan!

    I will nickname the guy Tarzan because he is just that
    Like a Tarzan that can swim very fast as well as leap very high. The guy is something else. Though my mom doesn't like him and despite his appearance on Playboy TV, still he is very hot. Great athelete as he really seems to be the outdoors type. Won five immunities in a row. Cook Islands was indeed his and Yul's season!
  • Ozzy is the best player Survivor ever had. Not only is he an amazing competitor, but he is also a heartfelt, passionate person. Ozzy is the true survivor, whether or not he won the title. He's handsome, genuine and a beautiful person inside and out.

    Ozzy is such an amazing person and such an amazing competitor. He is, without a doubt, the best player Survivor ever had. And his speeches to the jury during the final tribal council showed just what a heartfelt, passionate person he is. He came into the game with fire and emotion. He came to the islands, and embraced every aspect of the game with his heart and soul; he didn't hold back who he was or any of his abilities. He is so endearing, funny, witty and extremely intelligent, on top of the fact that competitive wise, no one could touch him. Ozzy is the true survivor, whether or not he won the title. That's sayin' something, I think! He is handsome, passionate, genuine and just a beautiful person inside and out. During final tribal and the reunion, Ozzy was so honest and open with everything, and he is such a complete sweetheart - he SHOULD HAVE won. I am so happy, though, that he got the car and the $100,000!!! I just think it is so awesome that Ozzy came to the show to connect with his primal roots, and use this as an experience of childhood dreams and surviving.

    Absolutely amazing - Mr. Ozzy Lusth -- I love him! :)
  • This boy is hot as hell!!

    I am completely obsessed with Ozzy. I tivo'd Survivor so I could watch him move in slow motion. He's as close to perfection as they come. (Although, I like him better with his hair shorter and curlier and more of a scruff on his face.) Oh yeah- he was phenomonal player, too. I'm sure he's smart- I'd even let him talk once in a while. So excited to hear he's done some porn. I would love to see "more" of him. He's got the most luscious lips I've ever seen. I have a new found appreciation for Mexicans. Love you, Ozzy!
  • What kind of guy can scale palm trees and swim like a fish? What kind of guy can go through Survivor challenges like child's play? Oscar Lusth.

    Oscar Lusth is clearly an intriguing character. Displaying an extraordinary ability to survive in the wild, one has to wonder whether he was raised by wolves, albeit on a tropical island. He can climb trees in the blink of an eye and hold his breath underwater as long as professional freedivers. His athletic prowess is unquestioned.
    Personally, Oscar also seems to have been through a great deal. Apparently, he grew up without his biological father, which had a great impact on him. Perhaps his drive to compete and succeed is a result of his need to prove his worth to the world. Clearly a frank and unabashed young man, Ozzy has also appearned in pornographic features in addition to his 2006 stint in Survivor: Cook Islands. Oscar seems to on a quest to find himself and I think I speak for all fans when I say, "I wish you well in your journey and future endeavors."