Oskar Homolka





8/12/1898 , Vienna, Austria

Birth Name




Oskar Homolka was born on August 12, 1898. Most people assume that he hailed from Russia or Eastern Europe but he was actually born in Vienna, which was still Austria-Hungary. Homolka trained in the Imperial Academy of Music and the Performing Arts and then started his career as an actor on the Austrian stage. He performed in Brecht's premiere play, The Life of Edward II, as Mortimer in 1924. The first film Homolka starred in was The Adventures of a Ten Mark Note in 1926. He fled to the US when the Nazis rose to power in Austria and in 1936, he starred in Sabotage, a thriller by Alfred Hitchcock. Homolka usually played as the villain in most films and he often gets the role of Communist spy or a Soviet military office. In 1948, he received an Academy Award nomination as the Best Supporting Actor for the film I Remember Mama where he played the role of Uncle Chris. Due to his contribution to the German cinema, he received the highest endowed German Cultural Award, Film Strip in Gold. His last film was the Tamarind Seed in 1974 and he died on January 28, 1978.