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Ours is an indie rock group led by vocalist and song writer Jimmy Gnecco. The group originally formed in 1992. In 1994 they recorded their first album, a demo tape entitled Sour (via Beatnik Records). The band went on hiatus for a few years until Gnecco reformed the group in 1997. At this point, Ours was gaining a lot of industry attention and had been offered record contacts with several major labels. They decided to sign with DreamWorks Records and began work on their debut album. It was a long, grueling process, but after four years Distorted Lullabies was released to much critical praise.

After touring extensively for Distorted Lullabies, Ours was rushed back into the studio by their label and recorded their second album Precious in just a few months rather than the multiple years it took them to complete their first, releasing it in 2002. To this day, Gnecco has never been satisfied with it. Just a week after it's release, his then-girlfriend commit suicide, and DreamWorks stopped promoting the record.

In 2004, Ours began working on their third album with legendary producer Rick Rubin. The album titled Mercy (Dancing for the Death of an Imaginary Enemy) was finally completed in late 2006, but due to creative differences Ours was dropped from DreamWorks records in 2007. The record was finally released April 15, 2008 via American Records (part of Columbia).

As of January 2009, members of Ours include; Jimmy Gnecco (vocals, guitar), Static (guitar), Locke (keys, guitar), and Race (bass). James Dickens of the band Plain Jane Automobile filled in on drums for their 2008 tour, but Ours is still in search of a full-time drummer. Singer Jimmy Gnecco is currently working on a solo acoustic album, and Ours has plans to release their fourth album sometime in Fall 2009.