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  • It seems "Rigsby's" got serious game!

    Of course, Owain Yeoman's performance as "Wayne Rigsby" in The Mentalist is best highlighted by both the human and humourous touches he brings to his characterization of a rather naive police officer. Particularly in his not-quite relationship with fellow officer "Van Pelt".

    But I just saw him knock one right out of the park with his role as "Sgt. Eric Kocher" in the HBO miniseries, "Generation Kill". I highly recommend getting this DVD...

    In this troubling series, he played one of the really good "good guys", portraying the experiences of Marine Recon Team Leader Kocher as he tried to deal with who the real enemy in Iraq was.

    Owain was quite brilliant and its nice to see such a wonderful dramatic performance from this also entertaining comedic actor. Bodes well for a great, and busy future. I will be watching.