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  • Funny.

    Okay actor.
  • Kinda good looking, and is a pretty good comedian, but not my absolute favorite.

    Wilson has some comedic talent, but his latest movies don't do anything for me comedically. He has great comedic timing, and in some films, it seems like every word out of his mouth is meant to be funny. He has played a few serious roles too, and done a fair job. I loved him in Behind Enemy Lines. That was a great film. Other than that, I would rate Owen Wilson mediocre. He was great in Wedding Crashers, and I liked his character best in The Royal Tenenbaums. I would have to see more of him before I can give him a thorough review.
  • Hilarious!

    Owen Wilson is one of my favorite actors. He is so funny! I first saw him when he played Roy O' Bannon in Shanghai Noon with Jackie Chan. At the time, that was my favorite movie, mostly because of Owen. He made the movie funny. I was excited when Shanghai Knights came out. That movie was just as funny. I also love I Spy. It wasn't my favorite movie of his, but it was still pretty funny. Now Zoolander and Night at the Museum are hilarious! I can watch those movies again and again and again. The Wedding Crashers and Cars weren't so bad either. I think it's funny how Owen always seems to be in the same movies as Ben Stiller. They make a really good team.
  • empty

    Owen Wilson is such a great comedic actor. His comedic timing and demeanor are perfect. The roles that he choses are dead on for his acting. My favorite movie of his is "Zoolander."
  • empty

    Owen Wilson is deffinintly one of my favourites. He is in numerous popular titles inluding Meet The Parents, Meet The Fockers, Starsky & Hutch, Weddich Crashers, Cars, Night & The Museum, Around The World In 80 Days and Shanghai Noon just to name a few. His character in all of them is pratticly the same which is what its like with alot of actors. He is great and I hope is continues the succes.
  • Owen is the more funnier Wilson brothers.

    Owen is well known for being in movies with big stars like Jackie Chan, Ben Stiller, and many more. Owen stars in movies that are funny or just very adventuorous. He has two other brothers who are in the movies industry and one of his brothers Luke Wilson is currently starring in the movie My Super Ex Girlfriend. Owen Wilson is currently in the movie, You, Me , and Dupree. Owen should continue in the movies industry and will continue to be in famous movies starring famous actors. He has a great presense in movies and greatly impact others like no other.
  • He's a pretty boy... wait, look at his nose! Never Mind!

    I never really thought all that much about Owen... he got on my nerves in that one movie, I believe it was "House on Haunted Hill." I couldn't understand why such a good looking, relatively successful actor would walk around with a nose broken that many times, and not fix it. Surely he had the money... right?

    But my opinion is slowly changing. He was really great in the Shanghai movies. And "Wedding Crashers" was pretty cool too. I am beginning to see that he's character and charisma. And it was pretty brave of him to avoid the Hollywood hoopla, and say no to the nose job. :)
  • he's ok

    he's ok. i mean he's not to die for. i really dont know why chicks dig him. but oh well. anyway, his movies are pretty good, but i love wedding crashers the best. you guys should go and see wedding crashers (by the way, why is owen wilson always "buddied-up" with a star?)
  • what i think about owen wilson,Well to sum it up in one word i would he is HOT.The roles he plays in his movies r soo perfect for him or is it he acts so well to make the roles work.either way i think he is HOT,

    well that was just my summery of man here is my real rreview. I thought Josh holloway blew me away but in my opinion i feel that owen wilson can play his role of sawyer just as well. but that just me. i wish they hyad men as hot in every sense of the word around where i lived ,that would be nice. but one thing i would like to see is owen wilsin in movie where we more skin.his eyes r the bedroom type his vioce is so damn sexy, his body is well need i say? all in all i feel owen wilson is the best actor out there as well as the best man. anytime he wanted a boost in his ego i would most definately be there if he would let me. well this lady is done brsggin an reviewing her fave