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P.O.D. have exploded to the stratosphere with their finest work to date, the extraordinary "SATELLITE." A high-decibel blast of potent cross-cultural power rock, the San Diego-based quartet's second Atlantic Records release is at turns joyful, provocative, challenging, and utterly real. Co-produced by the band with Howard Benson (the…more


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  • Trivia

    • On January 30, 2006, They were the guests on the radio talkshow Loveline.

    • In 2006, P.O.D. appeared in television ads for the Christian youth group Battle Cry.

    • On the 2001 P.O.D. release 'Satellite,' H.R., lead singer of the legendary punk band the Bad Brains, appeared as guest vocalist for the track 'Without Jah, Nothin'.'

    • In 2004, the group appeared as guests on Adam Carolla's radio show.

    • The members of P.O.D. are Jason Truby (Guitar), Wuv Bernardo (Drums), Traa Daniels (Bass) and Sonny Sandoval (Vocals).

    • On August 11th, 2006, They announced that they have left Atlantic Records after the many years they have been with them. Then on September 16th, 2006, They announced that they have teamed up with Rhino Records so that they can make a greatest hits album called, Greatest Hits: The Atlantic Years.

    • The song "Lights Out" was the theme for WWE Survivor Series 2005

    • Their song "Boom" was the theme song for "Saturday Night Main Event."

    • Their albums are Snuff the Punk (1994), Brown (1996), Live at TomFest (1997), The Warriors EP (1999), Limited Edition Bonus EP (1999), The Fundamental Elements of Southtown (1999), Satellite (2001), Payable on Death (2003), The Warriors EP Volume 2 (2005), Testify (2006) and Greatest Hits: The Atlantic Years (2006).

    • They play "Forever in Our Hearts," the song for tsunami relief.

    • They play "Right Now" from the soundtrack for Daredevil.

    • They play "Truly Amazing" from the album The Passion Of The Christ Songs.

    • They play "Booyaka 619" from the album WWE Wreckless Intent.

    • In 2006, They had a tour called "Warror Promotion 2".

    • In November of 2003, P.O.D. released the self-titled album, "Payable on Death", which didn't do as well as Satellite, but had several hit singles. In November of 2005, they released "The Warriors EP Vol. 2", a limited edition (only 40,000 pressed), 7 track CD composed of demos and live recording. That being only a preview of the January 2006 release: "Testify".

    • In Febuary of 2003, Founding member/guitarist, Marcos Curiel left the band to pursue other musical goals. Jason Truby has taken his place.

    • The band has released 9 CD's.

    • The band's newest cd is called "Testify".

    • The band is from San Diego.

    • They have been together since 1992.

    • P.O.D is a christian-rock band.

  • Quotes

  • Who mixes genres?

    In their latest album, POD mixes reggaeton and rap with rock. It is a risk many people have taken and none but POD have pulled off. I love the Goodbye For Now song. But anyone who pulls off this kind of album should be rewared handsomely- with a dnr928 awards berth for Goodbye For Now!