Pablo Francisco

Pablo Francisco


1/5/1974, Tucson, Arizona

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Pablo Francisco is a thirty-three year old, Tuscon born Latino-American stand up comedian. His career started at 17, when he performed his first shows in his native town. His one-of-a-kind style of creating a scene for his stand-up, is mostly similar to Jim Carrey and Micheal Mittermaier. His…more


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    • Pablo Francisco: It's not R'n'B music you know. R'n'B music is always five black guys with no shirt. "Yeah, I'm horny, Yeah." They always singing how fine a girl is. "Girl you're fine. Lay you down fine." They always say smooth soft and silky in every song don't they then they put beats to it. "Girl you're smooth, you're soft, fine... silky"

  • This guy makes me feel sorry for anyone who doesnt have a latino gf.

    Pablo Francisco, put simply, is the greatest comedian to come out of Arizona ever, not saying much. But in all sencerity this guy can take any funny voice you ever heard and turn it into a 10x more hilarious story. Most well known for his Keanu Reaves or his Latino Girlfriend impersonations, his greatest moments come through in his stand up acts. If you have a moment, look up his little tortilla boy act. You will not regret it. I would definetly watch a skit or two on line first though if you were thinking of buying tickets, his acts can be hit and miss with certain kinds of viewers.moreless
  • the classification says it all!

    when this goofy looking guy in his malibu shirt gets up on the stage you would not expect much of comedy to happen. but as soon as he opens his mouth, you realise how tragically mistaken you were. where to start? with his unique stunts, flawless imitations or with his impecable abillity to keep your eyes fixed on him for the entire duration of the show? this was supposed to be a critical review, but I just realized i have nothing critical to say about my beloved and deeply worshiped pablo...I have watched most of his shows, together with my roomate, and maybe the best praise i can adress to him (or the best praise any comedian can recieve) is that he has the abillity to turn our deepest college-caused depressions into hysterical ecstatic laughter. they should prescribe pablo instead of lithium, and i mean it!moreless