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  • Really pretty and talented!

    Really a very pretty and talented judge and that hopefully she will get to showcase a lot of her talents other than being the Top Chef hostess and that she is really amazing. As I read her bio. She shows that she can speak five languages. Five languages as one can hope to do at least one language in their lifetime. Didn't see the Katie Joel hosting thing but now I am seeing why Padma was chosen. Though she isn't given much to do, still, she makes use of her time in what she is given. Hoping she will expand her horizons!
  • Novi, Michigan november 11, 2007 Was the place tobe from 2.00pm - to 4.00pm . for the real Top Chef !

    PADMA was in Novi, Michigan for her new Cook book. And she was great ! The best hour in this ones life. Tobe able to see close up one of the Worlds most LOVEYEST looking ladys. Signing books, and answering questions , from her fans. She looked like a Million bucks. And also nice to have photos, taken with her. And signing your books. Not on a stage but right in front of you . If more people knew she was in town. I believe it would have been a packed house. It was quite nice to hear her read from her book too. And to talk about her past. To go around the country, and let people see her in person. And see for themselves, just how Wonderful of a real lady she is! This being her 2nd. cook book . For the cooks in everyone, that can cook. They will find her recipes a real treat. If she comes to your town? a must see . And you wont be sorry. And not just us guys. But ladys too.