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  • Paget Brewster is a brilliant actress and Criminal Minds will suffer without her

    Criminal Minds has been my favorite show on network television for several years, thanks in part to Paget Brewster. In my opinion, she is an integral member of the team. I think that the show is successful as a result of the chemistry created by that particular group of actors: Thomas Gibson, Shemar Moore, Kirsten Vangsness, Matthew Gray Gubler, A.J.Cook, Joe Mantegna, and Paget Brewster. I do hope that she will be brought back, as was done before. I was relieved and elated when she was returned last time. Rather than get rid of her, I thought that her character needed to be developed further by giving her a romantic relationship-as was done with JJ , Hotch, and Garcia. I think that it would enrich the show to do that for all of them. And I strongly believe that the group should remain intact.
  • Keep Paget Brewster on Criminal Minds.

    Paget Brewster brings a certain thing to Criminal Minds. She is very good at playing Emily Prentice. She works well with the rest of the cast of the show and I hope that she continues on Criminal Minds. Emily Prentice is very good at her job and she really is an awesome member of the BAU team. If Paget was to be killed off the show, then that is where Criminal Minds should end. Paget's interaction with he rest of the cast of Criminal Minds is the reason I watch the show. I hope that Paget Brewster may one day if Thomas Gibson leaves Criminal Minds that she could be the Unit Leader if Derek Morgan does not wish to lead the team.
  • Paget Brewster, I love your character on Criminal Minds! You do an awesome job and the team clicks so well together. I hope the show will stay on for a very long time!!


    I must admit that I have not seen your other works but I really like your character on this show. I even watch re-runs on the other stations....even ones I have already seen. I just love the stories, the team and how you all work together and how you support each other. I hope you will stay on for a very long time! A fan from NC

  • I don't know how she hasn't been a huge star for years.

    I absolutely love this woman. It really is that simple. She's charming and witty and engaging. How could anyone not be crazy about the woman? Beautiful, hilarious and above all else, talented; what more could people want? I actually sat through one of those schlocky Johnson & Johnson Spotlight Holiday tv movies because I'm such a big fan. Believe me, there is nothing short of a few strategically placed nails and a stolen clicker that could have gotten me to watch that sentimental crap and yet, for Paget Brewster, I watched from beginning to end. At six in the morning. On Christmas day. My one day off in over three weeks. I rented Eulogy because I heard she was in it, I have seen My Big Fat Independent movie because she was in it, I have both The Specials and The Big Bad Swim queued at the Blockbuster Online because she's in them. While I was never a big fan of Friends, I actually borrowed the DVDs from a friend of mine to watch her stint on the show. At this point, I may be one nighttime skulk in the shrubs away from being a stalker. *chuckling* Okay, I'm not that bad...yet;)
  • Paget Brewster is a actress.. The show that i watch that she plays in is the show Huff..

    Paget Brewster is just faboulous and so amazing..!!
    she is so good in the show Huff... And she is just so great and she's my favourite actress...
    she plays Beth Huffstodt and is Dc. Graig Huffstodts wife inn the show Huff...
    she has play'd in many shows and movies .. like the movie desperate but not searius.... she is just the greatist actress in the world.. she plays in more tv shows but Huff is the show that i most watch... she is just the best actress that you could find... she just plays so well!
    well done Paget Brewster.. you are the best
  • I'm not a huge fan of Paget Brewster, although I give her credit on Criminal Minds!! Like Joe Mategna I haven't seen her other work, but Paget has grown on me and has quickly become one of my faves.

    When Paget Brewster joined the cast of Criminal Minds I had no idea who she was and like I said I never saw her in her other stuff. When she first started I didn't like her but as time went on I did begin to like her. She found her way with the show and I think she's getting more respect with the character on CM. Emily Prentiss is a great character and Paget seems to play her well. The only thing is the hair she has now I don't like she needs to go back to the hair she had before the writer's strike she looked better in that hair.
  • Paget Brewster is one of the most brilliant actresses on primetime today!!!

    Over the years, Paget has played a string of quirky characters. She was one of Joey's girlfriends on "Friends." She was the co-worker on "Andy Richter Controls the Universe." And she was the loving wife on "Huff." But it was her role on "Criminal Minds" proved Paget that she is no longer quirky. Her character, Emily Prentiss, is a kind of person who is determined and headstrong whenever she can catch the bad guys every week. I love Paget because she is really one of the best actresses on TV and let's all hope she will make a huge career for herself.
  • Her appearence on: Two and a Half Men

    She was on an episode of Two and Half Men and she was awsome. She plays an old high school girl that Charlie and Allen know. Charlie, of course tries to sleep with her after he sees she is the ugly duckling turned into a swan. Allen who was friends with her never payed attention to her in high school even though she left her blouse open while they studied on her bed. He tries to tell her thats in the past and he would like to start a new. Never, never,never!!!!!! She gets great applause when she exits the stage and Charlie says " I guess we know why she not married" LOL
  • Paget is fantastic...

    I first saw Paget Brewster on 'Criminal Minds'. Lola Glaudini left the show, and I came thisclose to stop watching itt. When I saw SSA Emily Prentiss step in, I became MORE interested in the show. I think Paget is absolutely gorgeous and very talented. Unlike many actresses, she truly knows how to act. I am glad Paget was casted for Criminal Minds. She has great chemistry with the other characters on the show and fits right in. I would love to sit down and get to know her. I like her a lot and hope nothing happens to where she has to leave the show.